The Universities Scheme was established in 2005 to establish and/or enhance arrangements and opportunities for undergraduates and other university members to join and enjoy Freemasonry’.  The scheme, which is presided over by the Assistant Grand Master, R W Bro. Sir David Wootton, now has over 85 member lodges in university towns and cities across England and Wales.

There are two University Scheme Lodges within the Province of East Kent:

St Augustine Lodge No.972 in Canterbury

Pentangle Lodge No. 1174 in Rochester

The membership of scheme lodges naturally consists of students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, staff and alumni, though some lodges, St. Augustine and Pentangle for example, also have non-university members.  Scheme lodges benefit from a reduced minimum joining age of 18 (the minimum age for joining Freemasonry is usually 21), and all under-25s benefit from reduced fees.  Graduates and students from other universities can also join our scheme lodges when relocating to the region.

There are now 85 other Lodges pursuing a similar, yet distinct, course. Their membership consists of undergraduates, postgraduates, senior members of the university and alumni, ranging in age from 18 upwards. All under-25s benefit from the recent decision by Grand Lodge to halve their dues in order to make Freemasonry as accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

If you are interested in becoming a Freemason or would like more information about the Universities Scheme in East Kent, then please click on the lodge links above, where you will find more information and the necessary contact form to submit expressing your interest in discovering more about Freemasonry.

To find more about the Universities Scheme from the United Grand Lodge website, click here

The main picture was taken from https://www.universitiesscheme.com/about-the-scheme