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East Kent Masonic Golf Association Suffers a “Fairway” to Remember at Walmer & Kingsdown Golf Club

Surrey Sports Association Team

In what can only be described as a battle of the aprons, the East Kent Masonic Golf team took on the Surrey Masonic Sports Association on a sunny afternoon at the prestigious Walmer & Kingsdown Golf Club. Expectations were high, spirits were higher, and handicaps were, well, let’s just say they were there.

The stage was set for an epic clash, with East Kent having won the trophy on the past 4 meetings.    Both teams donning their finest Masonic golfing gloves, the air was thick with anticipation as the players teed off, hoping to unleash their secret masonic powers on the unsuspecting golf course.

However, as the day progressed, it became clear that the mystical powers weren’t quite on par with their expectations. Despite their best efforts to conjure up divine intervention, East Kent Masonic Golf players found themselves “fore”-ed to face a defeat that will be talked about for lodge meetings to come.

The Surrey Masonic Sports Association team played with an almost supernatural precision, as if guided by the spirits of golfing legends past. Their shots seemed to defy gravity, curving around trees and landing effortlessly on the green. It was as if they had struck a deal with the golf gods themselves.

Meanwhile, the East Kent team battled valiantly, albeit with a touch of confusion.  As the match neared its climax, tensions ran high. Every putt became a make-or-break moment, and the normally stoic Masons found themselves uttering words not fit for the sacred halls of their lodges. It was a clash of the titans, a contest for the ages—or at least until the 19th hole.

In the end, the Surrey Masonic Sports Association emerged victorious with a score of 5-4, leaving the East Kent Masonic Golf team to contemplate their strategy tucking into their well-deserved Ham egg & Chip supper.   

As the sun set on Walmer & Kingsdown Golf Club, the members of both teams gathered for the presentation ceremony.   Steve Butwell was presented with the Sureken Silver Salver by East Kent’s captain Leon Zacharow.  

Steve Butwell Receives the trophy from Leon Zacarow

The individual Stableford winner of the day was East Kent’s vice-captain, Chris Metherell with 37 points who unfortunately had to leave early for urgent masonic business.  Runner up was Surrey’s Steve Butwell who despite the increasing wind had a stunning back 9.

And as they say, it’s not about the score, but about the friendships and memories forged on the golf course. Besides, it’s tough to calculate scores when you’re trying to decipher the secret meaning of a scorecard.

For the full results :  Full Results – Click Here

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