A Busy Evening for Agricola Chapter 4501

Agricola chapter

A 50th Year Certificate, an Exaltation and three significant birthdays!

A very unusual and enjoyable ceremony was held by the Agricola chapter 4501 at the Maidstone Masonic centre on Friday 1 st March.

Excellent Companion John Baker the deputy Grand Superintendent presented a 50 th year certificate to Excellent Companion Brian Ledger but also Giles Penman (Douglas Lodge 1725) was exalted by his father Most Excellent Companion David Penman assisted by Giles’s Grandfather Companion Jeffrey Garnett as Principal Sojourner.

Finally, three of the companions of the Chapter were celebrating significant birthdays within the week of the Chapter meeting including Companion Jeffrey Garnett celebrating his 90th, these birthdays were acknowledged by the companions at the Festive board and a very enjoyable evening was had by all.

Agricola chapter will be celebrating its centenary in 2027 and at nearly 100 years old is in good form.

Agricola Chapter March 24

Image 1 top:
Rear row. Excellent Companion Stephen Startup 2nd Principle, Excellent Companion Derry Foreman 3rd Principle.
Front Row. Excellent Companion John Kenneth Baker the Deputy Grand Superintendent, Companion Jeffrey Garnett Principal Sojourner, Most Excellent Companion David Penman, Companion Giles Penman, Excellent Companion Brian Ledger Janitor.

Image 2:
Companion Jeffrey Garnett, Most Excellent Companion David Penman, Companion Giles Penman

Story: David Penman, M.E.Z. Agricola Chapter 4501