What You App To? & Tell Me a Story

What’s You App To?
We are interested in hearing of examples of those Lodge officers who have set up Zoom gatherings, virtual LOI’s, Lodge WhatsApp groups or quizzes. Our thanks go to those of you who have utilised other forms of social media, not only to stay in touch with each other but also to keep a watchful eye on our more vulnerable members. A little company albeit virtual or otherwise goes a long way in these difficult times.
Please tell us what is happening in your Lodge or Chapter and we will share these best practice examples for the greater good.
Tell Me a Story 

To help with the present situation it would be great if you could give a story to enlighten the Province and its members, something that most of us would not know. It’s your opportunity, has your lodge had a member who was famous or had done something that has made a difference to life. Or your lodge has a great history, when it was established, where it first met. Maybe a member was recognised for bravery during a war, or at a disaster. Did someone do something that made a big difference to you lodge or centre. Is there are particular moment or memory that stands out for you? Let us know, we are all looking to fill a bit of time and your story will help. It would be great if you have any photos to go with your story, but if not, don’t worry we can still use it. Please send your story and contact details to

The Provincial Lite

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The Provincial Lite eMagazine will be arriving in your inboxes on Thursday, just in time for the Easter Weekend.

It can also be found here on the news page of this website. Here is the link.


Stay Safe, Stay Indoors and Keep In Touch.

Don’t forget, for East Kent Freemasons, Your Province is a website full of useful information.