Visiting Officer Scheme Webinar

Sunday 1st October


The new Masonic season brings with it new challenges and opportunities. Brethren will be aware of the introduction of the Visiting Officer scheme as a direct opportunity to support lodges and chapters more comprehensively than previously. As the scheme begins to roll out, it seems appropriate to discuss this matter with lodges and chapters to consider the positive impact it can have and see how it fits into the whole Membership Pathway and much anticipated Archway. A webinar has been arranged for Sunday 1st October at 7pm for an hour.

We are delighted to announce that the panel will comprise: W Bro David Graeme, ProvGSec/Scribe E, W Bro Mark Bassant APGM, W Bro Mark Costelloe APGM, W Bro Duncan Rouse APGM, W Bro T Carter APGM & EComp I White Pro 3rd G Principal & E Comp E Halpin PAGP. They will deliver a brief rationale and be available to answer questions that may arise.

To avoid duplication, I would be grateful if brethren & companions sent their questions in prior to the event to avoid repetition and a fair coverage of all the issues that you may have.

All brethren are welcome to attend. Booking details for the webinar are below and I would be grateful if you would submit your questions before September 28th to ensure proper collation and comprehensive responses to you. The webinar will be recorded and be placed in the YP2 Archive in due course.

Booking details: ZOOM

Question to S Salisbury on education@ekprovince.co.uk


Best Wishes,

Steve Salisbury

Head of L&D