Valentine Delight

Despite the auspicious date a good number of Companions and Brethren managed to avoid the fusillade of arrows fired by Eros on the 14th February last to attend a Red Table meeting hosted by Invicta Chapter No 709 at Ashford the principal speakers were the 2nd and 3rd Provincial Grand Principals E. Comps. Clive Manuel and John Baker. It proved a happy occasion. When it concluded the general consensus of opinion of those who were not, yet members of the Order were that it had provided them with useful information on the Order to enable them to make an informed decision on membership of it and in particular whether to continue and complete their journey into pure and antient freemasonry when the time was right for them. In his talk E.Comp. Manuel stressed that whilst completion of the journey into pure and ancient Freemasonry was entirely a matter for the individual a decision not to do so might be analogous to that of someone purchasing a train ticket to Manchester but then electing to alight from the train at Stoke. His satisfaction with this comparison proved short lived. He is being informed by a Brother at the subsequent Festive Board “I always get off the train at Stoke – as my family live there!”

Left to right E. Comps. J.K. Baker. 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, P.E. Goodwin.  A.T. Norman MEZ, I.P. Smith

J C.R. Manuel 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, D.N.Fordham Director of Ceremonies.

Master Masons and Fellowscrafts in attendance.