Dear All
I am not, as you may have already guessed, the most proficient pensmith and regularly struggle to find ways to entertain you regular readers (assuming I have any and this report doesn’t find its way straight to your spam folder). I can only hope that hearing of the Widows Sons regular outings, in some way interests you enough to continue reading. That said, here goes.

As I mentioned last month, we have had another busy month, making the most of the weather. The event that started our month was the Tovil Masonic centre open day, where six of us arrived to support the centre, greeting the mayor and generally trying to engage with all and sundry (needless to say there where bacon butty’s available). Unfortunately, the vast majority of attendees where already masons, we have found this to be a regular issue with open days, maybe advertising these events to a wider audience would encourage non masons to visit and find out what we are all about?

The 12th May heralded the Dover Classic Motorcycle show and there’s nothing that attracts a biker more than the chance to look at other bikes, especially if he can do it with a burger in his hand, so  Sully, Bluebell, Samba, Cuthbert, Bradders and Red Enri met at (wait for it) Macdonald’s to ride in to Dover and enjoy another great day together.

Our glorious leader Sully’s (Steve Bragg’s) lodge had a wide table next and being masons, any excuse to eat more food did not go unnoticed. A fine table of men and their better halves enjoyed the food and company at Canterbury Masonic Centre.

18th May and the Faversham Transport Show gave us a pitch outside the Phoenix Tavern displaying 10 bikes. The pub was gracious to supply us with a full English to start the day (what a surprise), we also recruited four new members, so a worthy effort.

The following day we had arranged for an afternoon tea so after a meet up at Next (Costa’s), 16 bikes made their way through the Kent countryside to Bodiam castle, were we where met by nine others including a mother- in- law!!! Super food and a fly past at low level by a Spitfire. What a great day!

Mayday and mrs M lead the throng to Bodium, closely followed by Bluebell.

Mayday and Mrs M lead the throng to Bodium, closely followed by Bluebell.

Bank holiday weekend 2.0  and the much anticipated Margate Meltdown, an event organised by the Ace Café, you guessed it, sixteen people met up at Starbuck’s (other coffee shops are available) to ride in for a great day by the seaside. This culminated in lunch at The Spitfire Museum at Manston Airport (a great venue that can be recommended for all to visit).

Later that night, (the 28th) and 34 members attended to discuss these and other events, eat food, drink beer and generally take the mick out of each other in readiness for another month of riding, eating and general tomfoolery (not sure in which order though).

I’m sure that you are all on your summer breaks now so please enjoy the weather as and when it behaves itself, but don’t forget to take those little books on holiday, the sunbed is a great place to learn your ritual!!

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