A recent visit to our Library and Museum by Metropolitan Grand Chapter leads to an unusual and enlightening meeting.

The Metropolitan team (L to R) Derek Muston, Kevin Saunder, Don McGarr, Ian Currans, Alan South & Matthew Porter

The Metropolitan team (L to R) Derek Muston, Kevin Saunders, Don McGarr, Ian Currans, Alan South & Matthew Porter

There were strange goings on at a recent meeting of East Kent Stewards Chapter.

A somewhat dishevelled late arrival interrupted the meeting, who had to be reminded how to dress and behave properly. And all in the presence of our Provincial Grand Superintendent to boot!

Will all this lead to an official enquiry? Of course not.

The tardy entrance of the visitor was all part of a unique presentation entitled “In-Camera”. A team of presenters representing Metropolitan Grand Chapter, led by Assistant Metropolitan Grand Superintendent Ian Currans, visited Canterbury to give a demonstration of this new lecture.

Like so many of the important lessons in Freemasonry, key facts about the history and meaning of the Royal Arch (a colourful and dramatic branch of Freemasonry) were explained as part of a playlet. The interloper, played by Donald McGarr, was educated and enlightened by his companions Derek Muston and Kevin Saunders. Over the course of about 30 minutes the history, context and ritual of the Royal Arch were brought to life.

Ian commented “In-Camera was created to help companions develop a greater understanding of the Royal Arch, its symbolism and meaning. In many ways leading on from the “Talking Heads” introduction to Chapter for members of the Craft. It has been a great success in our area and we are delighted to share it with you here in East Kent.”

Ian went on to present Geoffrey Dearing, Head of the Royal Arch in Kent, with a copy of the “In-Camera” script, so that it can now be presented across the Province for the benefit of all companions.

Charles Boxer gives Ian Currans a tour of the museum
Geoffrey Dearing and Ian Currans examine the cathedral display

Speaking on behalf of all those present Geoffrey thanked Ian and the team for travelling such a distance to share this “Fascinating and engaging lecture.” In return for which the team were treated to a tour of the Kent Museum of Freemasonry, led by trustees Tony Eldridge and Charles Boxer.

You can learn more about the Royal Arch here.

East Kent Freemasons looking to find out more about the Royal Arch should contact their Lodge Chapter Liaison Officer.

The Museum is open to the public every day and those wishing to visit can find out more at their website: www.kentmuseumoffreemasonry.org.uk

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