2025 Great East Kent Boat Race

 In aid of the 2025 Festival Results

Ladies and Brethren,

On behalf of the Province and in particular the MCF 2025 Festival Team can I say a great big thank you to the many of you who joined in the Great East Kent Boat Race.

Sunday 2nd of May provided typical Bank Holiday weather cold enough to drive none but the hardiest from spending time on the beach. However looking at the photographs and messages received back it is clear that a lot of you together with your families turned out and had a lot of fun. One or two of the craziest even ventured into the water – I refrain from identifying the Executive member who wins the award for bravest attempt at launching, lots of you will know who.

Although we did manage to get the drones up the wind was pretty strong and whilst we managed to get some good images it was not possible to keep them up for too long.

Unfortunately the weather on Wednesday was not a great deal better and although it had abated the drones again struggled to stay up too long or venture too far offshore. Our best laid plans to identify vessels that had not yet returned to the beaches were somewhat thwarted.

We did though scour the beaches and managed to identify two sturdy boats that had landed back and these have been awarded first and second place respectively.

We have resorted to making a decision on the remaining places based upon performance on Sunday.

The winners are therefore:

    Ron Davis – Silver Rocket launched at Margate
    David Pearson – Diamond Skylark launched at Dover
    Philip Green – Hopeful Redwing launched at Hythe
    John Sampson – Chestnut Rocket launched at Herne Bay

Congratulations to the winners and to all concerned.

In case you might be concerned about the rest of the flotilla, we have hired a boat and captain for two days to scour the seas for any boats that remain afloat. Any boats that we recover will be returned to the MDU and a list of boats published on the website. People who wish to reclaim their boats can do so by arranging with Ron Carter on 07528 306151.


PS: One of the notable aspects of the Race was the effort to which you all went in decorating your boats, so below is a gallery of entrants for your enjoyment.