The Museum and Library are now OPEN

the arch of the kent museum and library

Welcome back, on the 4th September 2022, the Kent Museum of Freemasonry will open its doors to some special visitors from across the pond.  

A group of Freemasons from Texas, USA! The Grand Master of Texas Most Worshipful Bradley Scott Billings – Grand Master 2022. More details about the Grand Lodge of Texas can be found on their website here. The Grand Lodge of Texas

The Museum and Library officially reopened on the 4th of August this year although we did open the doors in July for the Canterbury Medieval Pageant and to host a visit by the members of Shorncliffe Lodge.

So, what can the Museum offer the visitor?

A recent find in the museum has had everyone very excited, a very rare Heavy Maul, it has been authenticated by the British Museum, and is believed to be over 3000 years old. (The picture is of a traditional Heavy Maul found in all Masonic lodges). 

picture of an heavy maul
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Other display objects include a Medieval sword, a rare copy of the King James Bible, and not forgetting our incredible library of books on the history of Kent as a county.

Not forgetting an history of Freemasonry, a glassware gallery, ceramics gallery, details of the many side orders in Freemasonry, and not forgetting how to join our wonderful fraternity here in East Kent. 

Just look at for more details. 

Although the museum is open, can you please contact the museum via their website. CONTACT US | The Kent Museum of Freemasonry as due to holidays and bedding in, we cannot open every day. 

If you would like to help out at the museum, please contact Richard Wingett on, [email protected] or contact the museum via there website. 

We would love to hear what is going on in your Lodge or Chapter, send us an email and we can post it on this website, Facebook and twitter, with over 12,000 hits per month, lets tell the world what fantastic work we are doing in East Kent.
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