The Great Union Snail Race

Members of Union Lodge were not ‘sluggish’ when they held a ‘Snail Race’ on Friday 21st August led by the Lodge’s Charity Steward Phil Redman and the Lodge’s Mentor  Barry Chamberlain. Adjudicator’s were the Worshipful Master and Senior Warden.

The Race Card included both flat racing and over the sticks with 4 heats and a Grand Finale.

Sails were purchased for £5 with race sponsorship at £20.

picture of a vector drawn race track

Under Starter Orders

A total of 34 snails were purchased to form the line-up, some being named by their owners. All owners eager to get their hand on the ‘Golden Snail’ trophy for 1st and 2nd places in the final the 1st heat being run at 7pm

The Race is ON!

Surprisingly, the heats and final race was over within 30 minutes but obviously the race officials had to imbibe in several libations whilst preparing for the following races.

Videos of the races were posted on the Lodge’s FaceBook page for the enjoyment of those participating. If viewing, the organisers take no responsibility for the excitable language used during the races but thank all for taking part in this unique fundraiser.

£210 was raised which will go towards the Lodge’s 2025 Festival objective.

Heat One

a picture of the snail racing course

The course is set awaiting contestants

picture one of the lodge members placing the snails at the start
picture of the snails about to go
picture of the snails going over some sticks

And the Winner Was!


Peter Stewart

with Daniel John as Runner-Up receiving a similar trophy.

picture of the golden trophy


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