The Great East Kent Boat Race

I am proud to announce our next spectacular in aid of the Province’s 2025 Festival: the Great East Kent Boat Race, which will start on Sunday 2nd May 2021.

It’s a simple but hugely entertaining idea: you buy a little boat kit from us for a tenner, assemble it, paint it in your own favourite colours, and launch it from one of five beaches in Kent. We will then track all the boats, and the one that has sailed the furthest by the 5th May will win a prize of £100 for its owner. Second place will earn you £75, third place £50.

Interested? I attach a Flyer which gives you more details and a link to the website where you can enter the Event.

My thanks to our Sponsors, the Patriot Group. And remember: all proceeds from the Event will go towards our East Kent Province 2025 Festival in aid of the Masonic Charitable Fund.


Mark C Bassant

Assistant Provincial Grand Master