The Flight of a Lifetime to help Teddy, and the MCF














Born to Fly?

For Malcolm Sadler, a Past Master of Minnis Bay Lodge No 8496, the smell of aviation fuel brings back memories that reach from Manston to Biggin Hill.

Born and living in Margate all his life, RAF Manston has never been far from his daily life and thoughts.
HIs father served in the RAF during his National Service, so it was surprising that Malcolm didn’t grow wings, he did however grow a love of Aviation.

Malcolms early career was too far removed from the workings and machanical undertakings of an aircraft. Working in the motor trade repairing damaged vehicles, Malcolm was trained by an ex RAF panel maker.

A new career takes flight.

After many years repairing vehicles in December 1992, Malcolm hung up his tools and made that step into the world of aviation. Having learnt to fly microlights, and having some fixed wing training with his father, it was not such a big step, but one that he was born for. A postion at Manston Airport loading cargo was the door into aviation, working mainly on Boeing 707’s and DC8’s.

As time went on, Malcolm became involved in refuelling, and has refuelled numerous types of aircraft, from light aircraft, vintage aircraft, jumbo Jets (Boeing 747’s) the famous Red Arrows and the creme de la creme, Concorde.
Malcolm then went back to the familliar surroundings of the workshop, where he looked after ground equipment as the MT Workshop Manager as part of Kent International Airport. He finished when the Airport closed in 2014.

It’s in the Family.

It is clear from Malcolms life, that aviation plays a big part in his family. His brother and both sons have worked at Manston. His brother went on to fly with Air Hong Kong, Cathy Pacific and Air Mauritius, whilst one of his sons now works for Western Global Air Cargo as an engineer on Boeing 747’s and MD11’s.
When Malcolms father passed away, his ashes were spread over the airfield on the northern grass.

This is what it is all about.

On the 29th July, Malcolm will be 65, he has booked a two seater Spitfire Flight from Biggin Hill Airport. This has been a life long ambition.
He will be flying from Biggin Hill in a combat veteran aircraft arriving over Manston at about mid day.
The aircraft is owned and managed by Peter Monk, his father was a very well respected member of Minnis Bay Lodge.

Weather permitting, and we all know what the UK weather is like, Malcolm is hoping to take the controls and carryout a Victory Roll over the airport. Having flown a P51 Mustang called Crazy Horse in America, he is not short of experiance, although his microlight training may come in handy.
“I’m sure the Spitfire will be better”, remarked Malcolm.

A Flight for Charity.

The flight is taking part to raise funds for two Charities, Autism and the Masonic Charitable Foundation.
Autism is like aviation, part of Malcolms family, his 5 year old grandson Teddy has the condition. So raising lots of money will help not only Teddy, but others like him. Head over to their website for more information. (Button below).
The Masonic Charitable Foundation, (MCF) is a Masonic Charity that wil be supported during the up coming 2025 festival, to be launched on  April 21st by the Provincial Grand Master. Click the button below for their website.