The Doors were Opened in Margate

But Who Came In?


members of the public enjoying the open day

Regalia on show

One of the members of the centre explains the difference in the Aprons warn as part of our regalia.

members of the public enjoying the open day

Inside the "Temple"

So much to see, and learn about,

members of the public enjoying the open day

So much to see

Another group gets the tour.

“will you do it again as there was so much information, I need to return to read it all”

“I did not know that a certain pub was used . I didn't know that”

some lovely comments

Open Day 6th August

The Masonic Centre based in New Cross Street Margate opened its doors to the public on Saturday 6th August for what is hoped will be a regular open day event.

The event organised by WBro Stephen Wyatt, Provincial Grand Membership Officer and Secretary of Union Lodge No 127 was developed for two reasons.

  • To invite the public in to see exactly what Freemasonry is really about, our charitable fund raising and to dispel myths in relation to.
  • Freemasonry To encourage new membership.


The event was supported not only by Brethren from other Lodges in Group 8, but also by Lady Freemasons who were there to talk to the partners of visitors about their work in the Community as well.

There were displays of Craft, Royal Arch, Mark regalia, together with various other appendant orders including Rose Croix, Athelstan, Alfred the Great, Knights Templar and Red Cross of Constantine, each display had a write up and description of the order together with some interesting facts.

From the moment the doors opened at 10am there was a steady flow of visitors who were met by a Brother, they were offered some light refreshments and given a tour of the displays and meeting room. In total there were over 150 visitors with a group of ladies making a special journey from Canterbury just to speak with the Lady Masons.

WBro Wyatt said, “this has been a really worthwhile exercise, it has become clear from the people I have spoken to and from feedback that the public really are unaware of the work we do in our communities, we have certainly dispelled a lot of those myths”.

He went on to say “So far, we know that we have two gentlemen who have been given a joining form, as they know members already, there are 3 Masons who are from outside of the area who wish to be joining members and 47 follow up packages handed out, we are hopeful that we will get a good number of follow up enquiries through the Just Ask One website.

I am very grateful for the support given by the other lodges not only from this centre but also from Ramsgate and Birchington and the Province with APGM’s Bassant & Wingett, it was also great to see the Lady Masons represented here today”

Feedback from the public was also very positive:

“It was well organised and well attended in the short time I was there”.

“will you do it again as there was so much information, I need to return to read it all”

Another lady commented on the info boards situated on the seats about the lodge history .. “I did not know that was a certain pub was used .. I didn’t know that”

Margate Masonic Centre


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