Charity Stewards Breakfast 2019

The Charity Stewards Breakfast at the Upchurch River Valley Golf Club, Saturday 19th October 2019.

A great turn out by all Chapter & Craft Charity Stewards totalling 97 even though today there were four great teams playing the quarter-finals of the World Cup. A superb full English breakfast was served and consumed and then Peter Rhodes our Provincial Charity Steward opened the event with a warm welcome to all. He introduced Paul Crockett the Fundraising Support Officer for the MCF (Masonic Charity Foundation) who gracefully explained how our Province has grasped and is supporting this festival and then continued to explain how our own Province has already benefited from those donations.

Picture of Paul Crockett Fundraising Support Officer for the MCF

Picture of Paul Crockett Fundraising Support Officer for the MCF addressing the meeting.


Please see below the attached slides to show that since January 2019, £269,000.00 has been donated to charities within our Province and that a further £319,104.00 has been given to masonic beneficiaries such as family support, financial support, health support and the RMBI totalling an amazing £588,104.00.

Paul continued to add that through everyone’s hard work we can achieve the impossible, he congratulated the Province of East Kent for really accepting and bracing the 2025 festival.

Our very own Mark Bassant (APGM) continued with his appreciation and advised that if you are considering writing a will or are thinking of having one amended then please talk to your Provincial office as there is now the offer of having one done for you free of charge through the MCF also there are masonic sporting shirts that can be made available to you again free of charge if you are raising money for the 2025 festival. These come in all shapes and sizes and are made for the event that you may be undertaking, again contact the office for further information the email address is:

Picture of Tee Shirts and other  merchandise

Picture of T Shirts and other merchandise

Another batch of jewels have arrived at the Provincial office. If you have not already signed to your regular donation and would like to, please complete the necessary documentation and with that commitment you will be entitled to a jewel which will be sent asap with an accompanying thank you letter.

Peter Rhodes & John Gallagher concluded that support for all of your Lodge / Chapter Charity stewards and those requiring assistance is made available to anyone wishing support. There are no stupid questions, if in doubt just ask.

Picture of Peter Rhodes addressing the meeting.

Picture of Peter Rhodes addressing the meeting.

Calculate this, if asked why are we doing this festival? Just explain that although our festival is for 6 years (2019-2025) our Province benefits from the MCF for 11 years as our last festival finished in 2014.

If we were to take this years donation already of £588K then over the 11 years the MCF would have donated nearly £6.5Million to our region, we have committed to £3.5 Million.

I truly believe in this festival and I believe in our organisation so surely – Together we will change lives.

Thank you Chris Watson for organising again such a superb event.

Article by Matt Jury


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