On the 11th June Thanet Chapter 429 hosted a highly successful Red Table meeting at the Temple in St Luke’s Avenue, Ramsgate.

The Principals and other members of the Chapter had put in a great deal of effort to organise the event for Craft Masons, including Fellow Crafts, to learn more about the Holy Royal Arch.

Excellant Companion James Close, welcomed everyone present, particularly the 14 Craft members who had come along to learn more about the order, many Companions from the Thanet Chapter were also present, looking splendid in their crimson and blue regalia

A “Red Table” meeting takes the form of three short presentations followed by a question and answer session, which in total last for approximately one hour, after which there is the opportunity for further discussion both at the bar and the Festive Board, where the seating is usually arranged to allow Craft Masons and Royal Arch Companions to dine and talk together.

The meeting started with each Chapter Officer providing an eloquent explanation of their role and position in the Chapter, together with an outline of its historic representation.

The room then ‘sizzled’ with anticipation as James Close introduced the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, Excellant  Companion Clive Manuel, who with his normal panache held the audience spellbound during his talk about the origins of the Holy Royal Arch. E Comp Clive then handed over to the capable hands of E. Comp John Baker the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, who outlined the structure of modern-day Royal Arch Masonry and the indissoluble link between the Holy Royal Arch and Craft.  The two speakers then conducted a question and answer session, during which a number of interesting points were raised The Craft Masons present ranged from a young Fellow Craft to a Provincial Grand Lodge Officer, all of whom found the evening very informative.

The meeting ended with the James thanking everybody for making the evening such a success and encouraging everyone to make use of the bar.

The Festive Board took the form of an excellent buffet meal, which maintained the casual atmosphere and allowed Companions and Master Masons to mix together, which encouraged even more discussion about the Holy Royal Arch.