Love them or Hate them…




TATTOOS…. love them, or hate them, for all of us who have one, the reason behind getting a tattoo is something very personal.

And so it was For David Gore, a 40-year-old mason in East Kent enjoys adding art to his body, he has a total of eight tattoos two of them quite large ones on his back, but still not being content with those ones, he began a search for a different design, a design that mattered to him, a design that embossed his feelings to Freemasonry.

During his search, one design in particular stood out from the rest and in his mind, it was a perfect fit with what he wanted. David said “Now I am older any of the tattoos that I’ve had mean something to me, and that’s why I was after a Masonic tattoo”. David continues “A very good friend of mine carried out the tattoo in the comfort of my own home and it took just under four hours. I’ve always found tattoos to be a strange sort of pain but not one that is hurtful or uncomfortable”.

David wanted this tattoo to be close to his heart, it seemed to be the right design for the right place. “Everybody that has seen it seems to have a positive reaction to it, including my wife and my daughter, and although their approval is supportive, it was something I really wanted to have done and it really matters a lot to me”.  

“When I was nineteen, I was involved in a really bad traffic incident which left me with many scars, broken bones and reconstructive surgery and in a strange way I look at these similar to my tattoo’s not in a negative way but one of reflection of my past, of who I am and of how I intend to be. My tattoos are associated with events in my life, memories, and reminders to me rather than just bits of art”.

Currently, David is not thinking about any more tattoos but who knows what the future holds and if he intends on placing his skin under any more needles. Click on an image for a larger view.


a picture of the original tattoo the square and compasses in a triange
picture of the start of the tattooing process
picture of the tattooing in process
picture of the finished tattoo