The Weald of Kent Lodge No 1854 Hosts the Talking Heads Demonstration

L-R WBros Stephen James, Chris Metherell, Roger Waltham, Tony Eldridge, Colin George, Ian White (back); Mike Baker, Mick Dunn & David Tyler

The East Kent Stewards’ Chapter “Talking Heads” team were thinking on their feet again – this time at the Weald of Kent Lodge No 1854. This old lodge meets on the ‘Wednesday nearest to the full moon’ in the historic Tenterden Town Hall. A great setting for such a presentation designed to spread the word about the Holy Royal Arch – and on this special occasion, in the presence of Worshipful Brother and Excellent Companion Mike Baker. Mike is the Director of Communications for United Grand Lodge, in which capacity he is tremendously supportive of this Province. Mike is also a very significant member of the team from Metropolitan Grand Chapter which came up with the “Talking Heads” initiative. So far, the presentation has been given approximately 120 times by the London team, in nearly 50 of which, Mike has played an active part. One such occasion was when the presentation was given by the Metropolitan team at our own Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge last year, for the very first time in our Province. The East Kent Provincial Grand Stewards’ Chapter has now put together its own “Talking Heads” team and Mike was in attendance at Weald of Kent as an observer from Metropolitan Grand Chapter, the Grand Superintendent of which, Excellent Companion Russell Race, has kindly given permission for East Kent to adopt the initiative.

On this occasion, the team was led by Worshipful Brother Ian White who introduced the presentation or ‘playlet’ – which was then confidently delivered by Worshipful Brothers Tony Eldridge (as ‘Past Master’), Mick Dunn (as ‘Master Mason’) and Chris Metherell (as ‘the Narrator’). The demonstration introduces the Holy Royal Arch (or Chapter) to Master Masons as well as re-introducing the order to others who may have previously thought of joining, and it helps existing Companions to appreciate and to understand more about this beautiful order.

Presented in a Craft Lodge, the origins and evolution of the Holy Royal Arch and its close links with Craft Masonry are made clear in an informal setting of a conversation between an experienced Past Master and a curious younger Master Mason. The presentation comprises a series of questions & answers – interspersed with commentary from a Narrator who provides interesting historical context.

Especially pleased that Mike had time to attend this particular East Kent presentation, he and our Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Roger Waltham, along with the “Talking Heads” team, were welcomed by the Master, Worshipful Brother Colin George, and enthusiastically received by the Chapter Liaison Officer, Worshipful Brother Stephen James. Lodge Secretary, Worshipful Brother Russel Parkin dispatched a note of appreciation the next morning.

The team seems to have hit the spot and generated some real interest in what the Holy Royal Arch has to offer; the essential next step for all who have come through the three degrees in Craft masonry. The Holy Royal Arch develops a knowledge of one’s self; in the words of Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790): ‘a belief that a man’s greatness can be measured; not by his wealth or his fame, but by his deeds, his character, his truth, his tolerance, his charity, his trust and his companionship for his fellow man. Greatness – what your virtues are – good deeds practised wide and far. And that secret of Masonic love – is learning who you really are. For the Great Book knows what man can’t hide; a life that’s measured from inside’. A spiritual journey indeed.

It is hoped that “Talking Heads” can eventually be performed at each Centre in the Province. Lodges and Centres wanting to book a demonstration, should contact Excellent Companion Ian White, Director of Ceremonies of the Steward’s Chapter, using the contact form below.

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