DEAL Masonic Widows Club met for their annual Strawberry Tea, at the Sondes Road Masonic Hall, Deal.
The Widows, guests and Masons enjoyed the company of Duncan RouDease, the Provincial Grand Almoner, who was accompnied by his wife Lady Colleen.


A Brief History

In 1999 Keith Lees the Almoner of Lord Warden Lodge No 1096, invited Widows of the Lodge Brethren to a strawberry tea in his garden. At the time each local Masonic Lodge entertained their own Lodge Widows once a year, usually at Christmas.

Taking this concept one stage further, with a view to combine all Lodges within Deal. Mike Murphy called a meeting of all local Almoners for 10-30am on Sunday 7th May 2000.
The idea was to form a Widows Group, which included widows from all Lodges in Deal. Wellington, Lord Warden, Downs, Globe and Laurel and George Hamilton.

It was anticipated that annual Lodge donations and regular raffles could determine and finance events, the widows would be invited at no cost, whilst all friends or guests would pay a cover charge.

Keith Lee, Michael Murphy, Ron Brown and Chris Philpott attended the meeting with Beryl Lee, Pat Murphy and Beryl Brown.
The Widows Club had begun to take shape.

Various events were attempted, such as coach trips out of town. But these proved far too costly. So thinkning localcally, a local Film lunch, a Strawberry tea and a Christmas Dinner were proposed.
The Deal Masonic Widows Club was founded.

To date we remain committed to our successful Widows Club and continue to organise a fish and chip lunch, a strawberry tea and a Christmas dinner throughout the year. With numbers in excess of 60 widows, guests and lodge members, the Club is as strong as ever.

A highlight being the Christmas Dinner, with Choir Master Robbie Adamson taking charge!

The committee of the Deal Masonic Widows, would like to thank all who took part and attended the Strawberry Tea, thanking the Lodge Almoners for their continued support, the Deal Lodges and not forgetting our guest of honour, Duncan RouDease and Lady Colleen.

Should any Lodge with Past Brethren ladies, care to join us please contact 07818894272, come along to a sherry reception and lunch make friends, come early enjoy a short stroll along our scenic seafront and return through our picturesque town high street have fun and enjoy a memorable afternoon.

Best wishes, SEE YOU IN DECEMBER! It’s not far away!!!

Deal Masonic Almoners Committee