Clay Shooting at its best
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Picture of people enjoying a sports day in the Province
EKMGAS golfers putting
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Provincial Sports and Associations

From the senerity of Fishing, to the full force of Rugby, we have a club that suits everyone.

East Kent Masonic Golf Association

The Golf Association have their own webpage where you can view upcoming events and tournaments, book your round and get in contact.

EKMGAS golfers putting
Clay Shooting at its best

East Kent Clays

To find out more regarding this fantastic sport, have a look at their National Website by clicking the link below. 

East Kent Masonic Fishing Charity

Officially not a club, but, it is an important part of our Province, and will also feature under our Charity section.
The Fishing Charity needs your help, they provide invaluable services to local schools and give a wonderful day out to so many.

Young Girl taking part in the Masonic Fishing Charity event
light blues brothers meeting for a drink

East Kent Light Blues Brothers

A fairly new initiative here in East Kent, and one that has really taken off, for anyone joining Freemasonry, this club gives you a change to meet new members and older members. For as long as you wear a light blue apron, you can belong. 

Speciality Lodges

Some lodges within a Province, specialise in a theme, and here in East Kent we have a number of Lodges that have adopted that idea, from Music, Rugby, to the Armed Forces, each lodge has its own way of conducting the ceremonies, and they are a real surprise and delight to see, upholding traditions that have been passed down over many many years. 

MUSIC – The Sir Edward Elgar Lodge No 9837

Meeting in Canterbury on the 2nd Tuesday of Feb and June, and the 3rd Tuesday in November.

RUGBYThe Spirit of Rugby Lodge No 9922

Meeting the 3rd Monday, Feb, April, Sept and November.

 The Millenium Lodge of Charity No 9730

Meeting in Maidstone, 1st Saturday, Jan, May, Sept.

Emergency Services Lodge No 9676

Meeting in Birchington on the 4th Tuesday, Feb, April, Sept, Nov, 1st Tues June.

Armed Forces Lodges

Although not exclusive to members of the Armed Forces, these lodges do have a military feel.
Per Mere Per Terram 3609 (Chatham) Meeting 3rd Sat Sept – May
Globe and Laurel 4657 (Deal) Meting 2nd Wednesday October to May.
Kings Navy Lodge 2901 (Chatham) Meeting 3rd Monday Oct – May
Royal Navy Lodge 429 (Ramsgate) Meeting 1st Wednesday Oct – June.

Armed Forces and Blue Light/Crown Services

East Kent Combined Services Lodge No 10038 (Ashford) Meeting on a Saturday