The Spirit of Rugby Lodge

Visit Folkestone RFC




Drinks on the Veranda! With:
Bob Mitchell (W.M of Spirit of Rugby) Gary Dean, Matt Jury, Steve Jones, Ivor Spencer & Bill Higgins


The sun was evidently shining as we arrived at Folkestone Rugby Club, New Burlington Fields, Folkestone CT18 8BH,  There was however, no evidence of any rugby being played! So, like everyone else, we made our way to the club house. 
What a specticle, Club Ties, stripped Jackets of many colours greeted us as we entered.  We had been invited to the club by our own, Ivor Spencer. We had strict instructoins to meet at the bar, not like us! This strange and unnatural act of drinking at a rugby meeting was soon mastered and we endeavoured to live up to one of rugby’s greatest routines and traditions of the Spirit of Rugby Lodge.


With our drinks safely protected, we made our way out onto the veranda which overlooked the 1st team pitch. This was where the gladitorial battle was to take place. Folkestone,our hosts, placed 3rd, would play Crowborough seeded 1st. Their form was good and promotion is almost certaily assured. The remarkable weather set the day ahead and we were called to dine.

130 supporters sat and had a marvellous meal whilst great conversation and the odd glass or two or three or four  ………… flowed.

The President, Chairman and guest speakers all eloquently proposed their respective toasts and our Captain for this year, Worshipful Master Bob Mitchell, presented a cheque to the Chairman of Folkestone Rugby Club, on behalf of our Lodge to the value of £200.00  We also had the honour of sponsoring the match ball, which again was presented by Bob to the 1st team Captain Seyhan Fell, (The money was presented to the club to assist the U8’s in purchasing new equipment for that Junior Section).

See Bob below 2nd from the left.

The meal and social gathering continued, and soon rose to the next level, when Adger Brown comedian and friend of the club opened his routine. He remarked how thankful he was that the Country had such a mild winter, as it was great to see so many of the elderly supporters being able to make it to the lunch. lol. The gags were hilarious and consistently made the audience laugh, many complementing him on his set.

Cheese and biscuits completed the cuisine as me made our way back out on to the veranda to watch the K.O of today’s game.

All started positively for Folkestone who took an early 14-0 head start, but Crowborough were not prepared to give up and through sheer hard work and stamina against a great side Crowborough came back to clinch the win by 2 points 33-31 a disappointing result for the club and team but overall a superb day.

Thank you to the Worshipful Master and Brethren of the Spirit of Rugby Lodge 9922, Bob Mitchell, Bill Higgins, Steve Jones, Gary Dean, Dad Dean and of course our contact at Folkestone RFC, Ivor Spencer.

As the sunset on this tremendous day, we made our way back to our respective homes, feeling secured in the knowledge, that we had done exactly what our Lodge’s ethos had been made up of.

We are looking forward to visiting Thanet Wanderers next Saturday 6th April where again we shall fly the flag for Masonry…………. to be continued.

Matt Jury, Senior Warden of the Spirit of Rugby Lodge 9922


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Thank You from Folkestone Rugby Club.

Dear Ivor

Apologies for delay in formally thanking you for introducing The Spirit of Rugby Lodge to the Club and their generous donation which was very much appreciated. Please do pass on our thanks to your colleagues.
I trust you a enjoyed the day and once again thank you for your ongoing and valued support 
Kind regards