Sandwich Masonic Centre Opens Its Doors

Sandwich Kent


Picture of Richard Dixy, a visiting volunteer standing next to the MCF banner

A truly interesting visit to Sandwich Masonic Hall

Sandwich Masonic Hall was the venue for a very successful Open Day, The first of its kind held in Sandwich for some time.

With the help of the Provincial Open Day Team, along with  members of organised by the  Rutupiae Lodge No.6611. We were also supported by representatives of Royal Navy Lodge, Cinque Ports Lodge and Old Manwoodiens Lodge. 
It was also a pleasure to welcome the Provincial Light Blues team and Lady Freemasons.

visitors waiting to enter the main lodge room

The event had been publicised by distributing flyers to local shops and businesses, resulting in a steady stream of visitors, we would have liked to have opened on the Sunday as well, but other commitments meant we were restricted to the Saturday only. Maybe next time. 

Visitors and a dog speak to one of the lodge members, talking about the history of freemasonry

On arrival, visitors were given an escorted tour of the building and Lodge room, where officers wearing their collars were on hand to explain their duties and answer questions.

Visitors asked many questions, from the usual “why do you wear aprons”, to more unusual questions relating to the square rug and various items around the lodge room.

After the tour, visitors were offered refreshments and were able to view the exhibits in the Dining Room and talk to representatives of those Lodges that met at the Sandwich Hall as well as other exhibitors with special mention of the Masonic Charity Foundation (MSF) and its work. See their website for more details of this remarkable charity. www.mcf.org.uk

Visitors talking to lodge members inside the main lodge room

Results are still under review but with plenty of visitors, those indicating an interest in joining will be identified and follow-up procedures initiated.

Visitors all agreed that the day was very interesting, informative and enjoyable.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation

Funded entirely by Freemasons, we build better lives by encouraging opportunity, promoting independence and improving wellbeing.

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