Tablets to local Hospitals and news from up and down the Country,

The Tablets have been delivered to the hospitals today. We will bring you further photo’s of the Tablets in use and quotes from staff and patients. The Face Shields are being delivered next week.
Below is a copy the Press release
The Freemasons in East Kent supported by the Masonic Charitable Foundation in London have joined forces to purchase 12,500 Face Shields and 50 Samsung Galaxy Android Tablets.
The Face Shields will be distributed to support charities and other worthy causes throughout East Kent with front line care staff, in care homes and hospices, which are in urgent need of Face Shields to stay safe and who struggle to procure such items.
The Samsung Galaxy Android Tablets will be distributed to the 5 main hospitals in East Kent and will allow bed dependent hospital patients receiving treatment for COVID-19 to stay in touch with their families.
Neil Johnstone, the Head of East Kent Freemasons said:
“COVID-19 is unprecedented in our life-time and is certainly affecting many of our local communities in East Kent. The provision of these Face Shields and Tablets will enable us to help bring some relief to our front-line staff in staying safe and reassurance to patients and families by keeping them in touch during these most challenging times”.
The five main hospitals in East Kent to benefit from receiving the Samsung Galazy Android Tablets are Medway Maritime, Maidstone General, William Harvey, Kent and Canterbury and the QEQM in Margate.
By protecting front-line staff and connecting those suffering from the virus with people at home, it will bring some relief to their close family and give a boost to the patients in hospital.
The photo’s are:
In the warehouse
The Tablets being made ready for use
On display and ready to go
At the Warehouse picture of the tablets on a pallet
The Tablets being made ready for distribution
Picture of the tablets on display and ready to go to the hospitals.

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East Kent Freemasons give £57,000 to help community as part of their

COVID-19 relief effort.