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Not just for brethren who are not Royal Arch companions

Being a playlet, the presentation is for more interesting, by involving numerous companions’ position around the room,

The Royal Arch, Discover More.

Chris Sanford writes:

Took place at Tovil 16th October performed by 13 experienced Companions, dressed in various Royal Arch regalia, adding colour and enhancing the overall experience.     

37 attended from FC’s, MM’s, Past Masters and Companions, it was very well received.

The Three Principles sitting in their chairs during the meeting in full regalia
One Journey One Organisation leaflet

So, what is this all about?

It is an initiative for our BRETHREN, EA’s and above who are not yet Royal Arch companions.

The aim is to provide an opportunity to come along to an informal setting casually dressed, listen, learn, ask questions, obtain a balance view what the Royal Arch is all about, to enable them to make the judgment to complete their journey by becoming a RA mason, now or in the future.

Being a playlet, the presentation is for more interesting, by involving numerous companions’ position around the room, dressed in various Royal Arch regalia, combined with different voices, interactions and presentation styles, there is no time to dose. 

Who is it for?

Not just for brethren who are not Royal Arch companions, such is the depth of topics covered even companions can advance their daily knowledge, one such companion commented it cleared up a lot of myths and misinformation.


The presentation is not part of a masonic meeting although it is performed in a Lodge or Chapter room, dress code is therefore casual, there is no festive board, most importantly this event is a free.

picture of the cover of the consecration booklet

What topics were discussed.   

Aspects of ritual/history demonstrating the indissoluble link between the Craft and Royal Arch Masonry, followed by sections on regalia, clothing, jewels, officers, eligibility, meetings, costs and government of the Royal Arch.

There is even a section where two companions personally share their experience why they joined, what it has meant to them and what they getting out of it which was very well received.

Question & Answers 

At the conclusion of the presentation participants are encourage to ask questions an opportunity to clarify any points they may have, can always guarantee to stimulate quite a bit of discussions an added benefit for all.


Takes around an hour providing sufficient time at the end for question followed by the usual Tea/Coffee and general discussions.

Discover More-Attend our next presentation.     


3 more demonstrations are planned, make a note in your diary.

  1. Gravesend Thursday 30th November 2023 – Wrotham Road DA11 0PA
  2. Sittingbourne Friday 16th February 2024 – Albany Road, ME10 1EB
  3. Margate possibly in March/April 2024 – New Cross Street, CT9 1EH

 Each demonstration commences at 7pm, concluded by 9pm.

For further information about joining the Royal Arch or coming to the next demonstration speak to your Lodge CLO or go to the Provincial website or email our Provincial Membership officer Dennis Fordham .



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