Rising Sun Domestic Violence & Abuse Services

Thank the East Kent Freemasons’ for their donation of £750. 

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Rising Sun Domestic Violence & Abuse Services

Rising Sun Domestic Violence & Abuse Services supports women and children affected by domestic abuse in Canterbury and the surrounding areas of East Kent. They support their users through every step or removing abuse from their lives and improving their safety, during this time of Covid-19 the rise in cases has been extremely alarming and this service is required more than ever for the safety and well being of those being affected.

Group 4 Brethren & Companions were extremely delighted to support this charity that was proposed by East Kent Freemasos Matt Jury’s wife

“It is so sad to think that in the UK, there are some families that are still being subjected to violence from supposedly the ones they love. It is equally frustrating that women are still treated in this way and some men too, however, what is more upsetting is that the children who need their parent’s love, support and guidance and want of feeling safe are not being provided with that blanket of security.

Being a Mum of three I just don’t understand how you could treat your children with such immoral values. When I was told that the masons in Group 4 had decided to support this worthy cause I was so delighted.

Freemasons are truly inspirational where charity is concerned and unfortunately do not always get the accreditation that they deserve, so from me personally, thank you, stay safe and keep up the great work”Kelly Jury


Who Are The Rising Sun Kent?

The Rising Sun Domestic Violence & Abuse service is a charity in Kent addressing domestic violence and providing services, for adults, children and families.

Through our work we challenge attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate domestic violence and promote healthy and non-abusive relationships.

We are going strong and have helped countless women and children over the years, whether you are looking for help or looking to help – you are in the right place.

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Phone: 01227 452852
Email: admin@risingsunkent.com

In an Emergency always call: 999 

Charity Number : 289253



Rising Sun Domestic Violence & Abuse Services