picture of an acacia tree

In Remembrance

Kingsgate Lodge

During November 2021 on the morning of their Installation meeting the
Kingsgate Lodge planted a tree in memory of all those who had passed away
during the Covid pandemic but in particular Lodge members W Bros J T Baker
and C W Barber.  Appropriately the sapling was an acacia.

The tree was planted at The Garden Gate Project a Charity on the Broadstairs /Margate
border, which uses gardening to help those with mental health problems. The
Kingsgate Lodge has long been a supporter of this local charity and as a
reward is able to hold their annual summer barbeque there. On that Saturday
morning, there were present, members of the Lodge and other local Lodges,
their wives and widows of those who had passed. Each person present was
invited to state the names of those no longer with us at the same time as
adding soil to the base of the tree.

Later in the day at the Installation meeting, £233 raised was to be donated
to the Garden Gate Project, in return for them taking care of the tree, so
that at each barbeque we will be able to admire its growth and remember
absent friends and brethren. Pictures attached show W Bro Trevor Greves (R)
presenting the cheque to Tim Clarke (L) the charity’s joint manager and also
of the sapling tied to its supporting post.
Best wishes
Peter Dickinson

The picture above shows the Acacia Tree, the picture below shows

WBro Trevor Greves (R) presenting the cheque to Tim Clarke (L)
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