Provincial Mentor’s Webinar – Supporting Personal Learning

Monday 30th January 2023 @ 19:00 – 20:00

This event is for Lodge Mentors and personal mentors and will support you in helping brethren to engage in masonic learning and development.

Lead By

Graham Chisnell

I am working with the Provincial Learning and Development Officer, Steve Salisbury, to deliver a programme of learning and development that will start with a series of webinars to support strategies for learning masonic ritual.

I will also be holding Mentor Webinars for Lodge mentors and Personal Mentors exploring elements of the Members’ Pathway. You are cordially invited to the first session later this month on 30 January from 7pm-8pm. The session will focus on personal learning for brethren. I encourage you and any personal mentors in your lodge to register for this free event. Click on the date below to register for this event:

Provincial Grand Mentor Webinar – 7-8pm Monday 30 January 2023. – Personal Learning


For further information or to contact Graham, email him on