“Provincial Grand Lodge”

21st April 2023


Picture of Richard Dixy, a visiting volunteer standing next to the MCF banner

The Stage is Set.

Welcome everyone

A new APGM

The 2025 Festival

Meritorious Awards

Provincial Grand Lodge, April 21st 2023

Once again we were back in our new setting of Detling Showground, a centre that is starting to feel like home.  
Picture of the Provincial Grand Masters Pedestal

The Stage is Set

The stage was set, brethren from all around the County had assembled, and the processions were eagerly awaiting outside, ready to process in. 

the members of the Province of East Kent take their seats ready for the ceremony to begin

A packed house welcomed the Provincial Grand Master, RW. Neil Hamilton Johnstone and his Deputy Grand Master, VW. Philip Neil South, accompanied by the 4 Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, Worshipful Brothers, Mark Bassant, Mark Costelloe, Duncan Rouse and Richard Wingett.

The Provincial Grand Master welcomed everyone, and also welcomed visitors from other Provinces individually, best wishes was given by Provincial Grand Masters and their representatives and escorts. 

WBro Richard Wingett was appearing at Detling for the last time, after serving as an Assistant Provincial Grand Master for 5 years, he stepped down this year.


The Provincial Grand Master thanked Richard for all that he had done over the past 5 years, we are not losing him, as Richard has now taken over as the head of the Board of Trustees for the Kent Museum of Freemasonry in Canterbury.
I am sure along with the PGM, the Provincial Executive and all members of East Kent, we wish Richard well in his new role.
Picture of Richard Wingett
The PGM with his Deputy and four APGM's


Richards replacement is Worshipful Brother Trevor Carter, (pictured far left). Trevor takes over Communications and Compliance for the Province, the Provincial Grand Master installed Trevor into his Office and congratulated him in obtaining the rank of a Provincial Grand Master for the Province of East Kent.
I am sure everyone in East Kent wishes Trevor well.

The PGM welcomes his newly appointed Provincial Senior Grand Warden, WBro Colin Barden (left) and his Provincial Junior Grand Warden WBro Matt Jury (right)

 Then followed the “carousel” a carefully choregraphed sequence of steps and moves, as brethren from the province lined up to appointed and promoted. 

A highlight of the meeting and one that brings joy and congratulations from everyone. 

The PGM welcomes his newly appointed Provincial Senior Grand Warden, WBro Colin Barden (left) and his Provincial Junior Grand Warden WBro Matt Jury
The present and past Grand Wardens line up in front of the stage

The Provincial Grand Mater thanked the outgoing Senior Grand Warden, Howard Griffin  and the Junior Grand Warden Charles Pottle, for their hard work over the past year. 

(from left to right, WBro Colin Barden, WBro Howard Griffin, WBro Charles Pottle and WBro Matt Jury)

Their is one other person who has kept so many of us in check over the past 5 years, the Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary, WBro Steve Read, thank you Steve for all your hard work and help during your time in office. Now relax!
We now welcome WBro Jim Beaney, who I am sure will have our help and supporet in his new office, and prove to be wonderful asset to the Province. 

The 2025 Festival

A special highlight this year, was the awarding of Gold and Silver honorifics to representatives of lodges who have met, or exceeded their “targets” for this festival period. This is an amazing achievement, considering that we still have two years to go in this current festival. 
(please see our festival page for futher details)

The PGM lines up with members of the province representing their lodges, these lodges have met or exceed their festival target

To Another Successful Year

With the ceremonial events drawing to a close, the Provincial Choir having sung their hearts out, Brethren having been appointed or Promoted, the Provincial Grand Master presented one last honour, actually it was two, but due to ill health one was not able to attend.

Congratulations was given to Worshipful Brother Brian Western who received his award and lapel badge from the Provincial Grand Master. 
And, Worshipfuil Brother Alfred Smallcorn, not able to attend due to ill heath. Both received the awards for outstanding contributions to Freemasonry. 


The Royal Arch Convocation is on:
Thursday 18th May 2023

Clive Emson Conference Centre, County Show Ground, Detling, ME14 3JF
more details here

Some of the "A" team carrying a carpet as they pack up the meeting

A new rank of Provincial Carpet Carrier!

A hugh vote of thaks must be given to all brethren who helped make this sure a success. 
The Provincial Office and staff. David Graeme, Steve Read et al. 
The Provincial Director of Ceremonies, Andy Stevens and his team, for keeping us in order.

And finally to you, everyone who took part, without you it would be a very empty hall. 



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