Excellent Companion Simon Peter Jessup

S_JessupPersonal Details

  • Married to Tracy with 5 grown up children, and three grandchildren
  • Born in Maidstone, lived around the county
  • Worked as a Police Officer from 1956 to 2001, serving around the county in various office and departments, including Dog Section, Drug Squad and various uniform roles reaching the rank of Chief Inspector. Final posting was as Staff Officer to the Chief Constable.
  • Worked in the private sector for Scottish & Newcastle brewers as Regional Security Manager. Returned to Kent Police as Head of Crime Scene Investigations and Digital Forensics until 2016.
  • Hobbies include, reading, walking, and cricket (now a as a spectator).

Masonic History

  • Initiated into Garden of England Lodge No 6583 in November, 1991.
  • Became a Country Member in 1996 due to work commitments, and resigned in 2000, having reached JW previously.
  • Joined Watch & Ward Lodge No 8809 in 2000, went through the ‘chair’ in 2007. Secretary since 2009.

HONOURS – Appointed Provincial Junior Grand Deacon in 2015.

Holy Royal Arch

  • Exalted in Duke of Kent Chapter No 5818 in 2001, Country Member from 1996. Resigned in 1997.
  • Joined Watch & Ward Chapter No 8809 in 2000, 2nd Ass. Soj 2009 to 2013
  • Scribe ‘E’ 2013-2015
  • Third Principal in 2015

HONOURS – Appointed Deputy Provincial Grand Scribe ‘E’ in May 2016.

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