Launch of the “Prologues” Initiative at the Chapter of Sympathy No 483

Roger Croucher, Third Provincial Grand Principal, with members of Sympathy Chapter & Active Provincial officers

A Royal Arch meeting with a difference was held on Tuesday 24th February in the presence of Excellent Companion Roger Croucher, Third Provincial Grand Principal, when a rehearsal of the Exaltation ceremony was carried out with the addition of the new “Prologues” discourses being conducted for the first time within the Province.

The idea behind the initiative is simple: at stages during the ceremony while the candidate is waiting outside the lodge room, he is joined by another Chapter Member who briefly throws a bit more light on the previous part of the ceremony and sets the scene for the next. The candidate then proceeds to the next stage better informed about what he is experiencing. While this is happening outside the lodge room, the members inside are given a similar explanation by another member. This is particularly beneficial to the newer members of the Holy Royal Arch who did not benefit from Prologues themselves when they were exalted.

The demonstration at the Chapter of Sympathy involved two Provincial Officers, Excellent Companions Keith Harrell and Stephen Salisbury, each reading the information relating to the ceremony. Keith was outside with the Exaltee, and Stephen inside for the benefit of all Companions assembled.

It was evident that virtually no additional time was added because the readings were delivered concurrently at just three key points of the ceremony when the Exaltee was outside waiting for the next stage.

The demonstration was well received by the companions of Sympathy Chapter and, following their recent committee meeting, the chapter will include Prologues in their future exaltations.

The Prologue scripts will be made available to all Royal Arch Chapters in East Kent after they have been piloted at these three demonstrations. It is anticipated that the discourses will be given by Past First Principals.

The next ‘live’ demonstrations will be held as follows:

16/03/2015 United Service Chapter No 3124, Sheerness at 6.30pm.

27/05/2015 Maeides Stana Chapter No 7868, Maidstone (details TBA).

Visitors are welcome to these demonstrations, please contact the Chapter Scribes to book in.

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