Pentangle Lodge, Third Open Day at the Dickens Festival in Rochester.


Once again Pentangle Lodge 1174, opened the meeting room at Gundulph Square to the public to ask the question “Was Dickens a Mason?”

Saturday the 1st of June was hot! The streets of Rochester were busy with tourist waiting to get a glimpse of a Dickens character, drink and ice cold beers and of course come into Pentangle Lodge’s open day to see if Dickens was a mason!  The Lodge had two demonstrations; one in the dining room,  a slide show and talk about Dickens his life and contribution to Masonry and the second a guided tour of the Lodge’s meeting room and a talk about the fundamentals of free Masonry and its role in today’s society.

Inside the Lodge room, and guests are in deep concentration.

But it was hot!  Hot enough for an article in the Sunday mail to report “In Rochester participants in the annual Dickens Festival struggled with their bonnets and bodices as temperatures hit 26c ( 79f)”  Our attendance rose with the temperature and we had the best attendance over the three years we have been having an open day. Whether just to sit down, to get cool or to use the lodge toilets, we had a constant flow of people coming in and listening to what Masonry is all about. Our main success was to have three prospective members leave their emails and telephone number so our membership officer can be in touch and convert them into new members.

I look forward to Pentangle’s next Dickens open day. We already know that Davey Crockett, Jim Bowie, Charles Lindbergh, Winston Churchill and astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin Masons. Also, Steve Wozniak, Colonel Saunders (KFC), Harry Houdini and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were masons

BUT WAS CHARLES DICKENS A MASON???                     See you next year!


Cutting from the Mail on Sunday, 2nd June 2019

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