Pentangle Lodge 1174 performs its first triple passing.


History was made last Friday as Pentangle Lodge 1174 as it performed its first triple second degree ceremony. It’s 153 years since Pentangle was consecrated and there is no  record of a triple of any ceremony, so a first for the lodge.

Since becoming a university lodge 9 years ago there has been a steady flow of university students in and out. Being a university lodge, we create quite a few transient brethren. Both Pentangle and St Augustine (the other University lodge in East Kent) initiate, pass and raise brethren who may only stay while they are at University and return to their hometown transferring to local lodges.

This gives the lodge a problem of lots of ways, not a permanent increase in numbers, but it does increase pressure on the lodge officers to cope with the amount of ceremonies and how they are handled. This problem is made worse by the normal flow of non-student new members, so progressively Pentangle has created a back log of ceremonies. Therefore, on Friday the 14th February it was decided to do a triple passing. To add to our problem the lodge room at Gundulph Square is not very big and being Valentine’s Day there were a larger than normal number of apologies. Just to add to that pressure we were informed that we were to have a visit by Assistant Provincial Grand Master David Graeme. No pressure then!

All went very well, David took charge of the lodge and opened in the second degree before handing back to Pentangle’s real Master Bob Cannell to conduct the triple passing. The triple flowed as if it was a common occurrence, but particular praise must go to the two deacons who performed brilliantly.

The three Brethren, Bros Ben Haigh, Keith Aggett, Dave Goodyer, that were passed, the one student member and two ordinary members obviously didn’t know they were taking part in a piece of Pentangle history and conducted themselves well.

The festive board was a joy, especially with such praise for the lodge from an APGM saying that “The standard of ritual throughout was extremely high especially as you do not hold Lodge of Instruction”

The back log still continues we now have 5 fellowcraft to Raise (promote to the next degree)!

There are three degress in Freemasonry, more can be found out about Freemasonry by visiting Solomon, a website run by the United Grand Lodge of England.