Pentangle Chapter…..A Farce

Pentangle Chapter opened its account in supporting the 2025 Festival by staging a successful charity event at the Medway Little Theatre in Rochester. Eighty-five supporters of Pentangle Chapter, including the Provincial Grand Charity Steward John Gallagher and his wife, gathered on the 22nd January to watch a play by Derek Benfield “Wild Goose Chase”.



picture of the play poster


The play is a classic Whitehall type farce with lots of doors and running around and was set in the castle of the strange Lord Elrood.
Chester Dreadnought bluffs his way into the crumbling stately home of the impecunious aristocratic family, and even a trigger-happy belted Earl suffering from hallucinations cannot keep at bay the enterprising pair of jewel thieves who are pursuing their loot – not to mention Chester – round the castle.
Suits of armour and secret doors, mistaken identities and dotty servants all help to provide the variety of fare that goes to the making of this wild goose chase. The play runs for a further week until 1st February.

picture inside the theatre showing the audience

The evening was sponsored by Captivate and Educate Limited, who specialise in sourcing and developing projects for entertainment and media. They funded the theatre, allowing all seats to be sold for the benefit of the Festival. The Chapter also ran a raffle during the evening and with some additional donations raised £1200.

Pentangle Chapter would like to thank its Companions and supporters for all their help and hopes everybody that attended had a wonderful evening.

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