Pentangle Chapter 1174

Red Table Meeting 11th Jan 2019

Pentangle Chapter had it’s first Red table meeting on Friday the 11th January at the temple in Rochester. Although one could consider it was more Tartan than red, the festive board was celebrating Robert Burns and all that is scottish.

A ‘Red Table’ evening is intended to give those Brethren who are not members of the Holy Royal Arch an opportunity to understand more about the Order and its unique position as part of the mainstream of Freemasonry, how it and the Craft are complimentary, and how together they comprise the whole of ‘Pure, Ancient Masonry’.

The red table was attended by the companions of Pentangle Chapter and guest Master Masons who wish to know more of the HRA. The Main speakers of the evening were the Provincial 3rd Grand Principal John Baker and the Immediate Past 2nd Grand Principle Roger Croucher.

The evening was a great success enthralling the Master Masons with a colourful display of enthusiasm by the officers of the chapter, who explaining who they were and what they did at a Chapter meeting. Followed by an intriguing insight given by our main speakers regarding the history of the order, its insoluble links with Craft Masonry and its structure and symbolism. This in turn was be followed by a question and answer session before the meeting ended.

The evening was completed by a Burns supper with Haggis, Piper and a wee drum of Whiskey. I am sure all the visiting Master Masons were impressed and will now consider joining this wonderful order.

Come and join the next “Red Table” meeting.
Thursday 14th Feb 2019
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