Numbers Up for Septum Lodge

During the 50th Anniversary Zoom Social meeting, the Septem Lodge Members asked if we could do something special to celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of our Zoom Social Calls.

How did they do? See below. 

1st Year Anniversary


Thank You

Lodge members on the zoom call

After a discussion, it was decided by those present that it would be great idea to hold a ‘Virtual’ Raffle with members donating prizes where they could and also purchasing tickets. To that end the Lodge Secretary, Kevin Kemp became the co-ordinator of the event and he invited John Miller to be the event organiser. Both Kevin and John then began scratching their heads on how would a ‘Virtual’ raffle work.

Kevin then set about e-mailing the members of the Lodge as well as a couple of regular visitors to the Zoom calls to see if the members and non-members would be willing to support the event by donating prizes. Within a couple of days, it was surprising how many people were willing to donate and how they pledged their prizes for the event, 18 Prizes were donated. At this point, W.Bro Kevin, e-mailed the Brethren once again and stated that whilst being very grateful for the donations, the 18 Prizes that had already been donated were enough, but should any other brother wish to donate a prize this could be carried forward to the first meeting on our return from lockdown. The Brethren had been extremely generous, all that was needed now was to sell tickets.

John was trying to work out how the process of the raffle would work, Kevin was passing details of ticket sales and prizes to him, but how would the draw work, how could we actually draw out the winning tickets. Kevin had a bright idea, how about an automatic ticket generator, the screen could be shared live during the Zoom call and the automatic ticket generator could draw the winning tickets. But where to get an electronic ticket generator? in stepped Jason Kemp he wrote some computer code and the ticket generator was born, all that was needed was the number of tickets sold, the starting number and the end number, that would be input and one click enables the tickets to be randomly generated. John would be responsible for allocating the number on the tickets and allocate the prizes whilst Kevin would share his screen so that all of the brethren on the call could see the winning numbers being drawn, this system worked so well that the Lodge will bring in the system in future at the Festive Board, it is quicker and more efficient especially with the sale of laminated tickets.

The Lodge would like to extend its grateful thanks to all of those who selflessly donated the prizes for this raffle, as well as to all of those people who supported the raffle by purchasing tickets. Congratulations to all of the winners, you will be receiving your prizes very shortly, for those of you who did not win a prize this time, we send our sincerest commiserations and wish you better luck for the next time, whenever that may be.

The Septem Lodge members are proud to announce that this raffle raised, £545.00 and will ensure that this is forwarded on to the 2025 Festival.


Find out more about the East Kent Freemasons 2025 Festival at,

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