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On Friday 1st December 2023, W. Bro Peter Smithson-Birch PProvGJW was installed as Master of the Christopher Marlowe Lodge No 8014 in Canterbury.  Peter was initiated into this Lodge during 1986, and 10 years later in December 1996 was Installed as Master for the first time;  27 years thereafter having held various offices in the Lodge, he was Installed, again, as Master.

Peter was promoted to PProvGJW in 2016.  He is a stalwart member of our Lodge and we are honoured that he accepted the invitation to “take the Chair” for a second time.

The Temple was filled with Peter’s friends and Lodge members; 37 dined in celebration thereafter.  W. Bro Tony Eldridge PAGDC beautifully sang “The Masters’ Song” and the reply to the Visitor’s Toast was given by WBro Steven Salisbury PAGDC in his, typically, hugely amusing and entertaining style.

The Provincial Grand Master was represented by WBro Graham Chisnall PProvGJW who we are fortunate to enjoy as our appointed Visiting Officer.

Peter Lapage

Picture of the Worshipful Master, Wardens, Immediate Past Mater and our new Visiting Officer.
Picture of the lodge members in full regalia in the lodge

Get Started Art

‘Get Started Art’ is new Community Interest Company, abbreviated as CIC but pronounced ‘kick,’ set up by Essex Freemason, Dave Barton, to help groups of aspiring artists that need help the most. The new community interest company provides much needed materials free of charge to charities and local community groups helping disadvantaged children, vulnerable adults, and those of all ages with learning difficulties to discover their inner van Gogh and improve their health and wellbeing.

As part of this initiative, Thursday 30th November 2023, saw our very own Provincial Grand Charity Steward, WBro Peter Rhodes visit one of East Kent Hpospitals to hand deliver, along with Essex Freemasons, some of the colouring books.

East Kent Hospitals said “We were thrilled by the visit and the generous donation of 750 colouring books”. 

The total number of books delivered so far is staggering.
The total number of combined large and small colouring books now stands at Essex: 34,000, Scotland: 4,000, East Kent: 3,000, West Kent: 3,000, plus plans in place for 2,000 each for Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Sussex making a total of 50,000 for hospitals, schools, day centres, care homes, charities and community groups.

Below is an extract from East Kent Hospitals Charity Facebook Page. #charity #eastkentfreemasons

Facebook East Kent Hospitals Charity Page. 

Picture of members of Castle lodge



In the spirit of giving back to our local community, we are proud to announce our recent charitable donations. A sum of £500 was graciously contributed to the Thanington Food Bank, a local organisation serving the Canterbury area. The Food Bank expressed heartfelt appreciation for our support and assured us that the funds will be utilized to procure essential foods for the less fortunate, as well as to facilitate a joyous Christmas celebration for the local children.

Furthermore, our benevolent efforts extended to a donation of £250 to the Jesus Hospital Almshouses, an esteemed institution based in Canterbury. This contribution will directly contribute to the restoration of a stained glass window, preserving a vital piece of local heritage.

As part of our ongoing commitment to philanthropy and community welfare, we are dedicated to fostering meaningful relationships with local charitable organizations and contributing to initiatives that positively impact the lives of those in need.

We extend our warm regards and gratitude to the Thanington Food Bank, the Jesus Hospital Almshouses, and all charitable institutions for their unwavering dedication to serving our community.


WBro Vic Ride Secretary Dane John. Lodge No. 8810

Home – Jesus Hospital Charity Website for futher information.

East Kent Widows Sons
Toy Run 2023

Toy Run – 10th December Itinerary .
Toy Run Route and (Approx) Timings


8am McDonald’s Drive Thru – Courtney Road, Gillingham ME8 0FB
9am Gillingham Street Angels – 125-127 High Street, Chatham ME4 4DH
10.30am Strode Park – Lower Herne Road, Herne Bay CT6 7NE
11.15 – 11.30am Footprints – Stodmarsh Road, Littlebourne CT3 4AP
12.15 – 12.30pm Rising Sun Domestic Abuse Charity, Military Road, Canterbury CT1 1YX
1.45 – 2pm Margate Ride By
2 – 2.30pm Millmead Childrens Centre, Dane Valley Road, Margate CT9 3RU
3pm ish Head for home and warmth!!!

Any Monetary Donations please send to :
Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association East Kent

Sort Code: 30-99-50

Account Number: 83526160


With the Chritmas Envelopes dropping through our letter boxes, containing greetings and best wishes from Families and Friends, some of you may even get a letter from the Provincial Office. 

For those who do, it is an honour that sometimes comes out of the blue, and when April and May come round, it is a time for celebrtion. 

So why not reserve that date in your diary, to join your brothers and companions in celebrating their promotion, appointment and special day. 

Next year we join Craft members on the 19th April 2024 and Royal Arch members on the 16th May 2024.

See the events page for more details.