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Some of our lodges have been on their summer break, and are getting back to the full swing of regular lodge meetings. Some of those are featured here.

East Kent Freemasons Stacy Harman
Picture of Vanessa Feltz

Racy Stacy’s Heart of Oak

If you were watching a certain show on TV last night, you may have seen an East Kent freemason you might recognise.

This series of E4’s Celebs Go Dating features radio and TV presenter Vanessa Feltz, who’s recently single and looking for love.  In the latest episode, she went on a blind date with none other than Honor Oak’s very own ADC, Stacy Harman!

First impressions were good.  Vanessa said that she thought Stacy looked fantastic and commented on his hair, his glasses, his smile, the way he walked and the light in his eyes.

The pair seemed to hit it off straight away too.  After chatting and flirting over drinks and a game of pétanque (flooded with double entendres), Vanessa said this date was celestial in comparison to others and found that flirting with Stacy just came naturally.

Stacy (nicknamed Racy Stacy by the narrator, Rob Beckett) was keen on Vanessa too.  He thought she had a naughty side that was just waiting to come out.  He found it hard to keep a lid on the dad jokes but invited Vanessa out on his Harley Davidson – as long as she hugged tight!  And she seemed very keen to take him up on the offer.

Both agreed it was a shame that the date had to end, but they kissed and went their separate ways… for now.  Stacy is tight lipped as to whether there was a second date though.  I suppose we’ll just have to watch next week.

Celebs Go Dating is available to watch on the Channel 4 streaming service Watch Celebs Go Dating |

Brother Ryan James Roper having been raised to the third degree.

On the 2nd Sept 2023 Lodge St George Bahrain had reason to celebrate as Bro Ryan James Roper was raised to Master Mason.

Being “Raised” to the degree of a Master Mason, is the final step in a new Masons journey. 

Here the picture shows the acting Worshipful Master Martin Heddle (left) congratulating Ryan who is dressed in his Light Blue Apron with the three rosettes. 

From Rags to Riches

At the beginning of last year both our lodges had considered closing considering what was happening in the world. Our lodges came together and started supporting each other where we built a great relationship.

Within the year my lodge turn it all around and with 5 new members we were heading in a positive state.

Both our lodges then decided to combined and have a joint ladies night where we raised an amazing £1500 for the dementia cafe at the Saint Peter’s church. They wanted new equipment for the social club so that they can bring music to those with dementia. The system they wanted was a karaoke device and equipment to display the words. As they say that music is a major memory trigger in dementia patients.

We have presented the equipment with a cheque of the remaining money to them. They are currently setting up and training staff on the new equipment. I thought maybe some photos of us trying out the karaoke singing once they are setup.

But none of this would of been possible if our lodges didn’t work together and support one another through those difficult times.

Please let me know what you think and if you want any addition information for the story.

Dean Volante

Picture of St Andrews Lodge Members
Picture of St Andrews Lodge Members now

When Robert became a “Lewis”

This may sound strange so let me explain.

On the 13th September, a special ceremony took place at the St Mivhaels Lodge in Sittingbourne. It was an initiation ceremny, not so strange you may say, but to those who know, a Freemason was bringing his Son into the lodge, and that makes it all a bit special.
For the Son of a Freemasons is called a “Lewis”, so what is a “Lewis”?

The words Lewis and Louveteau, which, in their original meaning, import two very different things, have in Masonry an equivalent signification – the former being used in English, the latter in French, to designate the son of a Mason.

The English word “Lewis” is a term belonging to operative Masonry, and signifies an iron cramp, which is inserted in a cavity prepared for the purpose in a large stone, so as to give attachment to a pulley and hook, whereby the stone may be conveniently raised to any height, and deposited in its proper position.

In this country the lewis has not been adopted as a symbol in Freemasonry, but in the English ritual it is found among the emblems placed upon the tracing board of the Entered Apprentice, and is used in that degree as a symbol of strength, because, by its assistance, the operative Mason is enabled to lift the heaviest stones with a comparatively trifling exertion of physical power.

Extending the symbolic allusion still further, the son of a Mason is in England called a Lewis,” because it is his duty to support the sinking powers and aid the failing strength of his father, or, as Oliver has expressed it, “to bear the burden and heat of the day, that his parents may rest in their old age, thus rendering the evening of their lives peaceful and happy.”

Taken from https://ansgarlodge.org/what-is-a-lewis/

So now you know.

The Lewis in question was the son of one of our Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, (APGM) Trevor Carter. The Lewis, Brother Robert James Carter.

In attendance were some 50 members of not only the lodge, but of members from  around the Province and further afield, we even had a member of West Kent! Thank you Worshipful Master Michael for all you have done. Michael was presented with an East Kent Tie at the Festive Board.

Trevor (left) welcomes his son into the lodge and Freemasonry.
Members present at the meeting pose for a group photo
From left to right, Mark Bassant (APGM) Trevor Carter (Apgm) Bro Robert Carter, Worshipful Master Michael Bull, APGM Mark Costelloe.

Manor of Faversham pay a visit to the Library

Lodges are continuing to be creative and expand the activities of the lodge, this not only keeps the members interested, but also helps bring in new members, as they can see that the lodge is doing something different. 

The members of the Manor of Faversham decided to put this into procatise and organised a visit to the Kent Museum of Freemasonry in Canterbury. 
With the musuem welcoming them with open arms, a priovate viewing was arranged and the members enjoyed a throughly friendly and welcoming tour of the displays. With the museum guides on hand, the trip was a resounding success, a real “Jewel and highly recommended”. 


A picture of the lodge members and some of the guides.
picture of some stained glass windows
Picture of Competitors

A fishing competition for charity was held on Sunday at Longshaws lakes in Canterbury. 

The winning team was the Wellington Lodge with 187Lb 13 oz.

2nd place was the Bredenstone Lodge with 171Lb 3oz

3rd place the PMPT Lodge with 117Lb 

4th Place The Balmoral Lodge with 75Lb.

Individual winner

Dave Morris with 123Lb 8 oz

2nd place Tony Hood 75Lb.

My grateful thanks to all who took part and the fishery owner for his help.

We have  raised £200 for Charity over 2 years.

Thank you to everyone who took part, and for helping raise the money for local charities. 

Yours sincerely and fraternally. 

Steve Allen

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