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Around the Province of East Kent

News and Events from around the East Kent

Mardi Gras Update

Thank you from the Board of Provincial Stewards for supporting the 2025 Festival and the Mardi Gras Ball. How much did we raise? Find out here.

Universities Scheme

Thought you had to be 21 to join Freemasonry? Through the Universities Scheme you can join Freemasonry from the age of 18.

Strawberry Tea Forever

Strawberry Tea for the Widows, Guests and Brethren on the five Deal Lodges.

Picture of Mick on Route

Diabetes and the Pru Journey

When confronted with donating money to the 2025 Festival and still wanting to support his local charities Mick Rendell came up with the idea of supporting both.

Social Media and all that!

With Social Media taking over our lives, do you know what sites we are on? Where to find us? How many web pages we use? Read on…

Area 5 Freemasons support the Maidstone River Festival

Freemasons support the Maidstone River Festival and keep a watch on the Bridge!

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