ME Comp Michael Locke receives his 50 year certificate

Michael Locke receives his 50 years service certificate from Michael Bailey.


ME Comp Michael Bailey on behalf of the ME Grand Supterintendant  had great pleasure in presenting to his old friend , E.Comp Michael Locke, a 50 year long service certificate last month. The two Micaels  had been Masters together back in 1980 when Micheal Locke became Master of General Gordon Lodge 4292.

Michael was born and raised in Gillingham, although his maternal ancestors were Huguenots who fled France in the 17th Century and possibly arrived in Dover in what was then the equivalent of the ‘back of a lorry’; his paternal ancestors came from the Peebles area of lowland Scotland.

Michael was educated at the Chatham Technical School from 1952 to 1955 and became an indentured Shipwright apprentice in Chatham Dockyard, qualifying as a Journeyman in 1960.
After which he became a draughtsman in 1962, was a Submarine Trials Officer and then an Apprentice Training Officer for a total of 23 years.
He retired for the first time at the age of 44, but after 18 months his dear wife Jean suggested that as she was working he might like to go back to work, even if he was busy doing other things !
He therefore spent the next 6 years helping to design bespoke luxury yachts but then retired again at 52. Following another short retirement, he worked in engineering for 12 years before retiring for good.

Michael joined General Gordon Chapter 4292 in 1969 became MEZ in 1985, rose swiftly though various provincial ranks to Provincial Grand Registrar in 1995 and was appointed to Supreme Grand Chapter in 2000.

Michael thank ME Comp Michael Bailey for his kind words and started an interesting acceptance speech which highlight the decline in Membership in both Craft and Chapter over his 50 years and pointed out that when he joined General Gordon Lodge it had 139 members and sadly now only 30.

Michael reviewed the changing attitude in masonry over the 50 years with a few lighthearted quips and was checky, as you would expect, to both Michael Bailey and Martin Ransom.