Shawn Christie and Geoffrey Dearing

Shawn Christie with Geoffrey Dearing

East Kent was delighted to receive Shawn Christie, Assistant Grand Secretary, on 9th June, when he was invited by the Provincial Grand Master to talk to members of the Provincial Executive and the Group Chairmen.

His presentation was about membership, including the background and framework related to the important new informal Lodge Office of Membership Officer.

The running theme of the presentation was about sharing and encouraging best practice between Lodges – particularly in the encouragement of struggling Lodges to embrace some of the good practices used by their more successful counterparts. Shawn was compelling as he spoke about the importance of pro-active attraction and recruitment, the identification of the most suitable Lodge for an individual to join and the absolute need for ongoing support and encouragement once a new Mason is on-board. It is hoped that this new initiative will better prepare all candidates for their Masonic journey which, in turn, will mean that they are more comfortable from the start.

More detailed guidance about the responsibilities of the role, and the support available from the Provincial Team, will be rolled out to Lodges through the Group Chairmen during the coming months.

In the meantime, Lodges are greatly encouraged to identify a suitable member – someone with enthusiasm and drive, along with good communication and ‘people’ skills – to become their pro-active Membership Officer.

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