Medway & Gillingham Street Angels

Helping the Homeless and those in need across Kent & Medway

Medway & Gillingham Street Angels

Both MSA & GSA are charities that supports the local homeless community, as well as others in need, in the Medway, Gillingham & Rochester areas of Kent. They both offer advice, comfort, and a wonderful air of welcome to all their guests, with a range of practical help.

Currently homeless in Chatham

meals provided per week

people helped over the years
MSA was founded as The Medway Street Angels in 2014 and GSA at a very similar time both began supporting the homeless by searching the local streets, parks and green areas with a pushchair, a flask and hot food. At the time no other such service was available. This service evolved rapidly over several months as more and more volunteers, food and equipment was donated and the cry for help was heard and acknowledged.

Since that time, both charities have grown, thanks to the amazing contributions of their volunteers and supporters. They have expanded to serve on multiple days a week and are providing static soup kitchens across their respective areas. In addition to their weekly meals, working with local authorities they now also provide essential items to those in need within their community, as well as ongoing care and support. Simple things to you and me such as just being able to listen are vital to so many.

Main Activities

Their main organised activities are the Soup Kitchens or literally meals on wheels with vehicles travelling across the region making vital deliveries. Food however is not the only thing on the menu, toiletries, clothing, bedding, tents are all extremely necessary in order for the homeless community to survive.

The soup kitchens are open to all guests and their policy is that no one is turned away, age is no discrimination and they are often joined by people ageing 17 right through to 70 and upwards. They provide a friendly and mutually respectful atmosphere, sharing plenty of hot food and drinks. They also distribute clothing, toiletries and camping equipment. Donations are always welcome, as they go directly into helping those who need it most. You can find out more about which items to donate, as well as information for financial donations, on their website shown below:

Medway Street Angels –

Gillingham Street Angels –

Currently 32 homeless in Chatham


Per Mare Per Terram Lodge


Were once again extremely proud to have donated £1,000 to each of these worth organisations a combination totaling £2,000 and when asked why these particular charities?

Colin Barden replied, “We have supported both of these Charities in the past and it seemed an obvious choice when looking for good causes to benefit again”.

Amber form MSA continues by explaining the changes that they have been forced to face during these unprecedented times. We are continuing with our two weekly soup kitchens, wearing ppe and practising as best as we can, social distancing measures. We are providing the vulnerable, elderly and those medically self isolating, with free food parcels or shopping for those who can afford it, but can’t get out. Referrals are coming from multiple sources, such as Medway council, Kent police, social services and supported accommodation providers. 

Our services have expanded a huge amount over the lockdown period and yet we are running on a skeleton team of volunteers. 

Luckily the street homeless have all been put into accommodation or hotels until the lockdown ends, so that they can self isolate. Our soup kitchens have been attended by between 37 and 49 guests per month.  Any help or support either money, items or even peoples time is a massive benefit to us and the work that we are trying to achieve, we have been so moved by the support given by the Freemasons of East Kent and in particular  Per Mare Per Terram Lodge, words cannot express our gratitude, thank you”.

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