The Masonic Fishing Charity

Registered Charity No. 1141630
The East Kent Branch is part of the national Masonic Fishing Charity. The branch operates independently, conducts its own fundraising and operates its own events. The national body directs general policy, provides Environmental Agency Temporary Licence, Health & Safety equipment, Risk Assessment guidance, insurance cover and CRB checking for helpers.

Our Work – who benefits?
Anyone aged 11 – 18 years, with physical, learning or behavioural difficulties, the disadvantaged or those who have suffered trauma, are the groups who primarily benefit from the interactive fishing and countryside experience provided.

The experience enables these people to gain in confidence and to meet new challenges. It helps disadvantaged young people to renew their confidence in meeting others and interacting with them. It helps those who are physically disabled to participate in sport and experience something that may otherwise be unavailable to them.

Many Schools and Centres who cater for special needs pupils use the day as a basis for a curriculum project and to provide a focus for sporting achievement for those who are unable to partake in established team and individual sports.

How can you help?

One of the absolute joys of helping with the Masonic Fishing Charity is the opportunity to work directly in the community and to witness first-hand the positive effects of your labours.

The East Kent Branch is always happy to receive contacts from people who would like to help, irrespective of whether they are or are not Masons. Each event requires a variety of assistance be it as a fly fishing caster, a coarse fishing caster, general helper, casual observer willing to talk and encourage or financial helper willing to contribute to the cost of holding events.

In whichever capacity you consider yourself most able to help, follow the appropriate link or contact the branch secretary directly; your interest will be greatly appreciated.

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