Masonic Fishing Charity Event – Longshaw Fishery

Thursday 7th September 2023

Student and Caster enjoying the sun and fishing

Masonic Fishing Charity Event – Longshaw Fishery – Thursday 7th September, 2023

Sadly, the end of our Masonic Fishing Charity Season was upon us and the final event for this year took place at Longshaw Lakes, Sturry, Canterbury.

 A blistering hot day greeted us after the initial fog, which had delayed a few attendees.  Mostly, the Pupils and Staff arrived around 10.30 and anglers were duly paired with students, then set to go. Right from the start, lots of fish were caught, from tiddlers to larger Carp, the biggest being circa  5lb, though most others were in the 2-3lb range.  Many of the fish put up a good ‘scrap’ which tested the students under the guidance of the anglers.

 Lunch provided a very welcome break from the blazing sun. According to cards received from some of the students on a previous occasion, this is the highlight of the day, indeed one young chap called Andrew wrote ‘Thx for helping us fish!  The best thing was the BBQ!’


On this occasion, we were privileged to have the company of the Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Andrew Notley who presented the Medals and Certificates after some kind words of encouragement to both the Students and the Charity itself.

Andy Notley presents a certificate to one of the students

Some say there are certain secrets in Freemasonry but if there are, they are nothing in comparison to fishing bait secrets! Talking to one of the anglers, we’ll call him Garry to maintain his anonymity revealed a bait with special flavour – Olives!

I didn’t believe it either. A while later, said angler came to see me with a special delivery – Olives in the secret potion. Being sceptical, I put an Olive on the hook and 10 seconds later I was hooked into an angry Carp.

If you would like to know more, you’ll have to come along to one of the events next year to find out. I won’t put the secret into print for obvious reasons.

A glorious end to the season, with our sincere thanks to the Owners of Longshaw Lakes for again allowing us to hold this wonderful event on their waters.

And finally, to everyone involved in the Masonic Charity –

The Chairman, The Committee, The Anglers and The Helpers

 for all their support this year.

Thank You One and All!

Free Fishing at some of the best Fisheries in East Kent!

A Free Breakfast and Free Lunch and meet new friends.

Have I your attention?

This is what you will receive in exchange for a few hours of your time

to help Children with special needs to experience a countryside adventure.

Our next fishing day will be held at  Horsham Lakes, near Sittingbourne

on Thursday 9th  May, 2024, details to be confirmed.

We are always looking for more Anglers and it would great if you would like to join us. 

All tackle is supplied (but you can bring your own if you want). 

If interested, please contact : Keith Heard at keithheard44@hotmail.com

 Report by Richard Dixey

Enjoying the Sun and Fishing
Caster and Angler in perfect sync, relaxing by the side of the lake
Wow, look what I caught, one of the Anglers showing his catch of the day.
Douglas showing one of the fish caught by one of the students
Andy Notley presents a certificate to one of the students
Andy Notley presents a certificate to a student who clearly enjoyed their day
Andy Notley presents a certificate to one of the students
An amazing setting for a fantastic days fishing, enjoyed by all.