Masonic Fishing Charity Event – Chart Hill Lakes, Chart

Thursday 13th July, 2023

Assessing the prospects and pitch

Masonic Fishing Charity Event – Chart Hill Lakes, Chart.

And so another much anticipated day at Chart Hill Lakes had arrived. The Fishery is well

known by all anglers as a venue for eagerly biting fish and offering up the occasional Leviathan too !!

Our genial host Jo at this fabulous fishery was on hand to welcome everyone and was as  enthusiastic as we were to ensure a great day for all the students.

The weather was could best be described as changeable, with a bit of everything,  – wind, sun, cloud and the threat of rain ever present – in fact a typical English summer day !

The first bus arrived around 10am closely followed by that of the second school. With briefings completed, Students and Anglers names were called and off we set with
great enthusiasm to our pitches. The next schools arrived soon after and everyone was paired up.

From the word go, fish were being caught everywhere and it seemed impossible to find a pitch where you couldn’t catch fish ! Two hours flew past and we were called for Lunch.
There was lots of excitement among the students, comparing notes and tales of “the one that got away” Due to the abundance of quality fish, everyone was keen to get behind the rods for the afternoon session.


APGM Mark Costelloe demonstrating the size of the fish that got away. Jo looks on!

All too quickly it was time for the presentation and, of course, the threatening rain turned into a deluge, where the heavens opened briefly for about 5 minutes, sending everyone dashing for cover. As quickly as it started, it stopped and the sun shone over us again.
With everyone out from under cover, the APGM, Mark Costelloe, gave some kind words of praise to everyone involved and with the assistance of our host Jo, they invited each of the students to receive a medal and certificate for “Angling Ability”.

And so another successful day came to and end. Our helpers, Guy, Pat and Colin under the galvanising lash of Gerry Stupple, the Event Manager, soon had the equipment cleared away and safely packed. And so another successful day had come to an end and all that was left was for everyone said to say their goodbyes, though looking forward to our last event of the year for the at Longshaw Lakes, nr Sturry on Thursday 7th September.

We are always looking for more Anglers, so would love you to join us. All tackle is supplied (but you can bring your own if you want). If interested, please contact : Keith Heard at – Ekmfc_casters_helpers@outlook.com

Report by Richard Dixey


Yes we got one! Caster celebrates as the fish is reeled in.
Another certificate is handed out to one of the Anglers by Mark Costelloe.
Caster and Angler in perfect sync, relaxing by the side of the lake
Wow, look what I caught, one of the Anglers showing his catch of the day.
APGM Mark Costelloe presents the Anglers with their certificates.