Manor of Faversham Lodge No. 8248

Since 1969

The eponymous Manor of Faversham Lodge No. 8248 celebrated its semicentennial anniversary in its own inimitable style at the town’s iconic masonic centre on Thursday January 24th.

 Consecrated on January 7th 1969, (the same year that Concorde made its maiden flight), by The Lord Cornwallis at the Franklin Rooms, the Lodge was formed as a daughter of The Manor of Chatham Lodge No. 4688, and like both its Mother Lodge and Grandmother Lodge, The Royal Kent Lodge of Antiquity No. 20, it took on their inimitable Antiquity ritual.

 Due to the large contingent of Faversham’s police and publicans among its Founders and early members they affectionately became known on the circuit as the “Cops & Robbers” Lodge. Coincidentally, one of the “robbers” and a Founding Steward was Bro. Arthur Spiers who was the Landlord of the Ship Inn at Ospringe, which is built on the lands of a hospital that provided a resting place for Pilgrims en route to Canterbury and the Holy Lands and came under the protection of The Knights Templar. Even after 50 years the Lodge is still true to its roots and remains very sociable with  a “cop” and a “robber” among its members.

The Founders Jewel, now as a collarette, by WBro Bill Boggia.

Among the 60 or so visitors present, was Past Provincial Grand Secretary VW.Bro. Roger Odd which was handy, as during the compilation of the Lodge’s history booklet it became apparent that in his predecessor’s annual report from the May 1969 Annual Provincial Meeting, the lodge wasn’t listed as being consecrated. Fortunately, VW.Bro. Roger put the Brethren’s mind at rest explaining that it was merely a printing oversight and that they could continue to celebrate their Golden Anniversary.

During the evening the last remaining Founder of the Lodge, W.Bro. Bill Boggia presented his Founder’s Jewel back to Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Robin Evans, which he had turned into a collarette for him and all future Masters to wear when representing the Lodge.

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