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Picture of Richard Dixy, a visiting volunteer standing next to the MCF banner

The work that Making Miracles do is so important.

The trauma of losing a child stays with you all your life

Honor Oak Lodge – Helping to Make Miracles

In this article, we delve into the heartwarming story of “Making Miracles,” shedding light on its invaluable contributions to the community and the lives it touches. We’ll explore the compassionate individuals behind this initiative, the vital services they provide, and the profound impact they make on families in their most vulnerable moments. Also, how a group of Freemasons played a small part in helping at the shop. 

the shop front in Maidstone


Making Miracles is a birth trauma and baby bereavement care charity serving Kent and Medway.  The charity was founded by Kelly Wells in 2014 after experiencing a traumatic high-risk pregnancy and the near loss of her daughter’s life.  After being told at 22 weeks there was only around a 15% chance of her daughter living, she prepared for the worst and began the grieving process.  Kelly searched for organisations to help her through this incredibly traumatic time but found nothing online or locally to help in her feelings of pure loneliness and grief.  Later, as Kelly reflected on what she had been through, she recognised the significant gaps in her emotional and mental well-being care.  Kelly never wanted another person to feel so alone and so Making Miracles was born. 

The charity shop Handmade with Love and members of the lodge standing in front

Manning the Shop

Last Saturday, 7th October, members of Honor Oak Lodge turned out to man the shop at The Mall in Maidstone.  After a quick briefing from Sally Howells, chairman of the board of trustees, they set to work welcoming customers, talking to them about what the charity does and hopefully selling a few items. 

Some of the items for sale in the shop<br />

Although it’s a charity shop, all the items on sale are brand new, handmade with love by an army of volunteers and donated to Making Miracles.  These are mainly knitted baby items but also quilts, toys, handmade cards, nappy cakes and gift boxes. 

Some of the knitted coats hanging on a rail in the shop

There were also some other very special items.  The most notable of these were the memorial teddy bears.  These have a special compartment in which some parents choose to keep their child’s ashes.  Sally said that these can bring great comfort to a bereaved parent as they feel that they can still hold their lost child.  

Memorial Teddy Bears, these have a special compartment in which some parents choose to keep their child's ashes.

The charity also has an association with Maidstone prison, where inmates make wooden toys for donation to the shop and are proving very popular with customers.   

All profits from the sale of these items go towards providing free bereavement counselling for parents and grandparents affected by birth trauma and loss.  Profits are also used to maintain a memorial garden in Borstal. 

A wooden wigwam and some more toys
More toys on display, teddies, monkeys and bears.

Volunteers from Honor Oak on the day were Dave Claughton, Mark Lawson, Tony Evernden and his wife Liz, as well as Tom Carter, who hopes to be initiated into the lodge next year.

The day was organised by Dave Claughton as Making Miracles is especially close to his heart.  Dave’s wife Denise lost a child at birth 30 years ago.  In keeping with the attitudes of the time, she was told, “Never mind, go home and make another one”.

Dave said, “The work that Making Miracles do is so important.  The trauma of losing a child stays with you all your life and can still reduce you to tears years after the event.  You often find yourself wondering what they would be doing now.  What talent may have been lost to the world”.

This week is Baby Loss Awareness Week.  If you would like to know more, or if you’d like to volunteer at Making Miracles, please visit www.makingmiracles.org.uk, or contact Sally directly at sally@makingmiracles.org.uk.

members of honor oak lodge the little helpers
Tony Evernden and his wife Liz,


Our mission is to inform & educate decision-makers to further support families through birth trauma & loss. We provide specialist guidance and awareness, specifically about the importance of the impact this has on an entire family’s mental health.

For more information on this charity, visit their website at:  https://makingmiracles.org.uk

Some more toys in the shop

The Article was by WBro Mark Lawson Honor Oak Lodge

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