Lucy Woolgar – wheelchair appeal

When Lucy was born she didn’t appear to have any disabilities, she progressed normally and at 2 years old she was a very chatty little girl, who was into everything, bottom shuffling and playing with her toys, just like any other 2 year old. At 2½ and completely out of the blue, she was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. She lost her ability to use her hands, she stopped feeding herself and stopped playing with toys. She was unable to move herself and started hand wringing.

Rett syndrome (RTT) is a genetic disorder that typically becomes apparent after 6–18 months of age in females. Symptoms include impairments in language (Lucy cannot speak although she can laugh) and coordination and repetitive movements. It affects the X chromosome, the MECP2 gene, which just switches off and stops working, causing the symptoms.

Lucy was just over 2½ when sadly she was also diagnosed with Epilepsy which 50% of Rett suffers are diagnosed with.

Lucy is now 17 years old and growing into an adult with her mum (Trish) and Dad (Adrian), being her main carers. Mum and dad have both been diagnosed with arthritis and because Lucy cannot move herself about or control an electric wheelchair, a solution had to be found. The answer was for a carer controlled, powered specialist, wheelchair costing £4,500, which the NHS would not provide. A gofund me page was setup to raise the required monies and family and friends responded, raising in excess of £3,500

The Master of Commemoration Lodge, W.Bro Rodney Mynard, had met Lucys father Adrian through work. When he heard of it, he brought Lucy’s plight to the attention of the lodge Charity Steward. An application was made to the Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons Charity for a match funding contribution. The CEKFC agreed with the application and match funded the lodges contribution of £250 making a total of £500. Lucy is in now possession of the wheelchair, which is making life so much more easy for both her and her carers.


The photograph depicts Lucy in her new wheelchair, and from left to right, her parents, Adrian and Patricia Woolgar, Worshipful Master of the Lodge, Rodney Mynard, the lodge Almoner,  Richard Dixey, and presenting the cheque from the CEKFC the lodge Charity Steward, Bob Hadlow.

Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons Charity

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