A Busy day at the Kent Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No 5866

It was a busy morning and afternoon at the 231st regular meeting of the Kent Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No 5866.

With a full programme the Worshipful Master opened the Lodge in the usual manor and then welcomed the guests.
New Provincial Stewards were welcomed into the Lodge.
With so much on the agenda, it was time for the first of many announcements.


2025 Festival Catch phrase Competition


It was then time to announce the winner of the 2025 Festival Catchphrase Competition.

The floor was handed over to our very  own, Provincial Grand Master, WBro Neil Johnstone, who said that the number of entries had been well received and that it was a difficult decision to pick a winner, but pick a winner they must.

With all perched on the edge of their seats, Barry Wilson was announced as the winner of the all expenses paid,  trip for two to Paris. With the winning catch phrase being.


Together We Will Change Lives. 

This catchphrase will now be display on the 2025 Festival. We would like to thank all those who took part.


Cheque Presentation


It was then over to cheque presentation time, with the Chairman of the Board of Provincial Stewards, Chris Watson, along with Stuart Naylor and Paul Gear accompanying him, in handing over a cheque for an amazing amount of £8582.00. This was the amount raised from the Mardi Gras Ball.


More News

It was also announced that the Forget Me Not Society, Celebraty Lunch in honour of Les Reed Dinner, has raised an astonishing £20,000.
More details and pictures to follow. 



2025 Festival Update


It was then over to Mark Bassant to talk about the 2025 Festival, events were underway, and the Wing Walk would be taking place over the coming months.

Mark also highlighted the work carried out by the Masonic Charitable Foundation. This was after the meeting had received a very interesting talk by a representative of the MCF.

A full update will be published in due course on this and the 2025 Festival Website.

It is important that we help meet our aim of £3.5 Million, to support the work that the MCF does, especially in the 11 years that as a Province we are not in festival. The MCF donates over £5 million* each year to charities.

*Source https://mcf.org.uk/charity-grants-frequently-asked-questions/

After a full meeting, it was time to join everyone at the Festiva Board, with a good meal in each, friendly chat and the usual toasts, everyone departed full of cheer. 

Keep an eye out on this and the 2025 Festival website for more news.