“Update on Twin Boys sponsored by King Edward VII Lodge”

Picture of Richard Dixy, a visiting volunteer standing next to the MCF banner

King Edward VII checks in on the twins

In October 2023, King Edward VII lodge sponsored twin boys Reece and Caiden Todd at Step and Learn, a small local charity working with children with cerebral palsy.  Yesterday (5th January) their Worshipful Master, Chris Goldfinch and Charity Steward, Ron Stronach, dropped in on their therapy session to see how they were getting on.

Picture of one of the twins during the theraphy session

They were pleased to see the boys enjoying their session.  They worked really hard but were having so much fun they didn’t realise.  The professionals at Step and Learn work on the children’s core strength through play and assisted movement in preschool years, which yields enormous benefits in later life. 

 Since KEVII took on their sponsorship in October, the boys have made great progress.  Reece has learnt to sit up on his own and maintain sitting independently while on the floor, and Caiden is now confidently rolling around, none of which would’ve been possible without their therapy at Step and Learn. 


While they were there, Chris and Ron presented a cheque for £420 to treasurer and trustee, Karen Parsler.  The money was raised at the lodge’s Christmas white table meeting.  Karen said, “We’re so grateful to the lodge for this very generous donation.  Step and Learn offer their services to families that need them free of charge.  Our aim is to ensure that no child misses out – whatever their parents’ financial circumstances.  These services are not available on the NHS, and the going rate in the private sector is about £120 per hour.  We’re funded entirely by charitable donations, so support like this from the freemasons is invaluable in helping us continue our work”. 

George and his mum Samantha enjoying the white table meeting
Lisa Todd, (boys Mum) Chris Goldfinch (WM) and Reka Kersu, Lead Conductor at Step and Learn

Lisa Todd, (boys mum), Chris Goldfinch (WM), and Reka Kersu, Lead Conductor at Step and Learn.  


Chris said, “The work that these guys do is truly wonderful, and it’s great to be able to see a direct link between charitable giving and the good it’s achieving.  Step and Learn, and particularly Reece and Caiden, can be sure of our future support”. 

 At the end of the session, their workout had caught up with them, and mum, Lisa packed two very tired boys into the car for the ride home.

 If you would like to know more about Step and Learn, or perhaps even sponsor a child yourself, please visit www.stepandlearn.co.uk

Presentatoin of the cheque to Karen Parsler, Treasurer and Trustee of Step and Learn

Chris Goldfinch and Karen Parsler (Step and Learn)

One of the twins receiving therapy from Step and Learn

Step & Learn

Step and Learn is a charity dedicated to assisting the physical and educational needs of children with Cerebral Palsy and associated motor difficulties. Our aim like that of Andras Peto, hungarian founder of Conductive Education, is to view child holistically, educating and motivating the child through play, to become active participants in their lives throughout their day.

Our early intervention programme for pre-school children from birth to five years incorporates the educational values and principals of Britain`s Early Years Foundation Stage (2012). It invites the parent/carer to be fully involved in their child`s learning process, by advising them on how to incorporate the fundamentals of our programmes into the lives of their children at home, thereby empowering the to be at the forefront of their child`s learning and development by promoting home/school collaboration.

One of the twins receiving therapy from Step and Learn
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