Kent Provincial Grand Stewards' Lodge No 5866

Installation Meeting

93 sat down to enjoy a fantastic Lunch, with £350 raised from the Raffle.


Kent Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge No 5866 Installation 23rd March 2019

The sun was shining as we arrived at Franklin Road in Gillingham and was greeted at the car park by a lot of smiley faces, as the Stewards of the Lodge maintained discipline within the car park. Again whilst walking into the main entrance all were in good spirits and the faces of many well known masons calmed the nerves of so many and greeted us so well. Tea and coffee with biscuits were also provided, a usual custom and one well received.

All were called to arms and we equipped ourselves with our regalia and made our way upstairs to the temple. Designated seats had been reserved and all eagerly assumed their positions.

All guests were welcomed in our usual Masonic way and the ceremony of installation commenced led from the front by our reigning Master. W.Bro Iain Buchanan the 77th Master of the Lodge recited his obligation and was sincerely placed into the chair of King Solomon.

The Provincial Grand Master of East Kent, Neil Johnstone with the Worshipful Master Iain Buchanan.

The officers were congratulated and installed into their new positions with the usual Ian Buchanan humour and sincerity. In the absence of our Charity Steward our very busy Secretary W.Bro Nigel Fitz proposed that £2,000.00 is presented to the 2025 Festival and a further £200.00 donated to the Provincial Mardi Gras, all agreed and the lodge was closed in peace and harmony with a very relieved Immediate Past Master wearing a huge smile of relief.



Smile! Did someone say Cheese? Yes Please!

The Lunch

An impressive festive board compiling of one huge main table for of the Executive including our very own PGM & 5 sprigs accumulating to a total of 93 masons, of which there were 39 guests. It all started well, with that defining white noise of men all talking at the same time, conversing about the ceremony they had seen and the standard in which it was delivered. As usual raffle tickets were circulated and raised an amazing £350.00.

The finale was the toasts and these were mostly spoken from the heart, yet humour and the usual banter prevailed and the Brethrens full names were mentioned. I had the honour as the new Junior Warden to propose the toast to the guests and visitors and I claimed a response from the Birthday Boy W.Bro Douglas John Colbert, a member of Castle Lodge No.1436. Douglas received a birthday card and a bottle of wine on behalf of our lodge, oh and the honour of responding to that toast lol. Several cards and a gifts from our new Masters family were read out, including a personal message from Ian’s wife and his two dogs. This completed an amazing day and another to be remembered not just by Ian, but by all. The visitors and members.


Thank you, until next time

Peace and harmony was had by all including our D.C, W.Bro John Jones who concluded the afternoon and if the D.C can smile then all can relax with a sigh of relief, until our next meeting………………. To be continued.


The “New” Worshipful Master Iain Buchanan (left), the “Old” Worshipful Master John Preston (right)