The Masonic Fishing Charity

The Masonic Fishing Charity is a registered charity, No 1141630, the full title of which is “The Masonic Trout and Salmon Fishing Charity”, further details of which can be found on the charity’s website.

Helping to reel one in

Helping to reel one in

The East Kent Branch of this charity runs all-day fishing events for youngsters with physical, learning or behavioural difficulties, the disadvantaged, or those who have suffered trauma.

Proudly displaying her first catch of the day

The therapeutic effect on each youngster of a day spent fishing, with the help of an experienced caster, is a joy to behold. Tension and frowns at the start of the day turn into big smiles and shrieks of joy as the fish are caught.

The youngsters are provided with food and drink during the day and at the end, each one is presented with a certificate as a record of the day’s activity.

Each event is supported by a group of volunteers, many of whom, though not all, are Freemasons.

Presentation of certificates

A range of assistance is required: experienced fly or coarse fishing casters, general helpers, casual observers willing to talk to and encourage the youngsters or financial helpers willing to contribute to the cost of holding the events.

Proud certificate holders

Proud certificate holders

Volunteers are always welcome, you do not have to be a Freemason but anyone, male or female, who wishes to help this worthy cause. Please contact the Charity.

The team of volunteers

Please click here for further details and reports of the charity’s events in East Kent.


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